March 2, 2017
Melania Trump A Threat To Upstaging Her Husband? Expert Weighs In

Melania Trump looked stunning at the joint session of Congress on Tuesday night in a black Michael Kors ensemble and was given a standing ovation after her husband heaped praise on her. The first lady stood and smiled in appreciation at the overwhelming reception from everyone inside the chamber.

Body language expert Judi James analyzed Melania Trump's body language at the speech, comparing the first lady to the late Princess Diana in terms of shyness and the threat she poses over stealing her husband's thunder -- not intentionally, however. James tells the Mirror that Mrs. Trump exhibited a strong discomfort being the center of attention at the congressional address.

James has weighed in on the body language of President Trump's wife before, with the most recent being after the 46-year-old first lady opened a Florida rally almost two weeks ago for the president. More about that can be read in a separate Inquisitr report titled, "Melania Trump's Shudder At Husband's Speech Analyzed By Expert."

The same expert is giving insight again after Melania's appearance at the formal address President Trump delivered on Capitol Hill. According to James, Melania Trump shows a visible fear of overshadowing her husband, something he can't deal with.

"Melania is the show-stopper who looks terrified of stopping the show. The show is, of course, her husband's and he's not a man with a love of being upstaged."

President Trump and his wife are total opposites in the spotlight, notes James. The expert maintains that while the president revels in adulation and standing ovations, it was "Melania almost sneaking in down the stairs who got the real roars of approval."

"Melania looked intent on making a much more low-key entrance, descending the stairs to her balcony seat looking self-conscious and rather lonely."

James notes that Mrs. Trump shook hands with her guests in the gallery at the speech in an "overly-formal way" and gave a quick "hair-preen" when a hug from some of the guests she was hosting would've been more expected. The body language expert says it was obvious Melania was "anxious."

Melania's facial expressions ranged "from Hollywood smile to micro-gestures of anxiety plus a more suprised-looking smile" when the crowd applauded her, James explains. Although responded with a few nods, she wanted "to have the spotlight turned back onto her husband."

James continues that Melania Trump showed a "lack of desire to eclipse her husband" during the address to Congress that was aired nationally and globally. James thinks like Princess Diana, Melania's shyness and beauty make her more endearing to the public than her husband. The expert believes that Melania can even outshine First Daughter Ivanka Trump, a woman who's clearly at ease in the spotlight.

"Like Princess Diana she could find herself getting thrown into the spotlight to a point where she throws her alpha male hubby (and Trump's media-friendly daughter) into the shade."

Melania Trump has been likened to Princess Diana in terms of her fashion choices, but not often her body language.

Mrs. Trump is accustomed to some form attention by virtue of the fact she's been a model and businesswoman in her own right for years. It's not a totally new concept to her, but the political realm is foreign territory. Princess Diana was thrust into the spotlight at the age of 19 when she got engaged to Prince Charles.

The first lady is adjusting to a far grander scale of public life, one Diana coped with all her life after marrying Charles. The princess overshadowed Charles during their marriage, something he despised.

Do you think Melania Trump will overshadow her husband during his presidency through her beauty and shyness like Princess Diana?

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