Washington Post Compares Texas Attorney General To Russian Rulers For Threats To Arrest OSCE Election Monitors

Commentary | Proving once again their unyielding dedication to Liberal ideology, The Washington Post slammed Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott for his threats to arrest any OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) election monitor who comes within 100 feet of a polling place on election day.

The Post compared the outspoken Texas Attorney General to “post-Soviet autocrats like Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Kazakhstan’s Nursultan Nazarbayev.” The article makes no mention of the broad support for Mr. Abbott’s defense of his state’s sovereignty and claims “Mr. Abbott’s real audience appears to be paranoiacs in the Republican Party.”

In reality, many important issues have been raised in the fight between the Texas and the Obama State Department. It should be obvious by now the current administration has a rather unfavorable opinion of states rights, considering Obamacare or how quickly they sued over SB 1070, which allowed Arizona to deal with the overwhelming flood of illegal immigrants into the state. Obama attacked Arizona for attempting to do the job the Federal Government had failed to do on border security and stood silent while the President of Mexico savaged Arizona in his remarks at the White House.

Now the State Department is claiming OSCE election monitors have full diplomatic immunity and are exempt from state laws. Once again, we see the overreaching authority of the Federal Government as envisioned by the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party, ignoring the principals of States’ Rights the founders made the cornerstone of the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights.

Perhaps there would have been less concern over the impartiality of the OSCE if they hadn’t participated in a meeting with the NAACP, the League Of Women Voters, and the ACLU along with several other well-known, left leaning liberal and progressive organizations in April of 2012. At the meeting, the various groups launched into a partisan attack on Voter ID laws and implored the OSCE to monitor the US elections.


According to a letter about the meeting from The Leadership Conference, there is a conservative plot to suppress voters. The letter implies only upper middle class and rich whites will be able to vote if Voter ID laws are passed. They promote this concept by portraying Voter ID as the ultimate evil and by claiming voter suppression is “as pernicious” now as it was in the days of Jim Crow:

“In less than 30 days, Americans will go to the polls to elect our next president, determining the fate and direction of our country for years to come. We believe that every eligible voter should be able to cast his or her vote. But sadly, efforts to thwart voters from exercising their right to vote have swept across this country. While, thankfully, the days of poll taxes, literacy tests, property requirements, and brutal physical intimidation are behind us, today’s efforts at disenfranchisement, while more subtle, are no less pernicious.”

The OSCE and their allies completely ignore the fact that 75 percent of the American public strongly supports Voter ID laws. They also make light of the many examples of voter fraud in previous elections while promoting the idea that voter fraud is virtually non-existent. In reality, a small fortune was expended to transport voters to the polls and according to news reports, some voters were illegally provided with food and cigarettes to entice them to vote for certain candidates. Acorn was defended by Congress and many of their workers were indicted for extensive voter fraud during the 2008 election.

If the organizations opposed to Voter ID didn’t spend a considerable fortune on the filing of endless lawsuits, they might have spent the last four years using the money to help the poor, the elderly, and the young acquire ID. After all, legal identification would not only allow a voter to satisfy Voter ID laws, but it would assist Americans in almost every aspect of their lives including cashing a government check, picking up a package at the post office, or using a credit card at Walmart. Sometimes it seems that holding high powered meetings, expending resources on expensive lawyers, and producing muckraking headlines full of unsubstantiated accusations are more important than the hard work of actually going out in the clear light of day and helping our fellow human beings.