Hillary Clinton Hit With Memoir Embarrassment: Book Price Slashed For Bargain Bin [Opinion]

Hillary Clinton has received one more blow as 2016 comes to an end, with social media sites buzzing from the news that her book is now offered at bargain basement prices. The book is now in the clearance bin with the price slashed from $34.99 down to $4.99. To make things even worse, a Twitter user happened to notice the drastic price reduction and has made this discount on Hillary’s book, Hard Choices, a viral social media trend.

After a lifetime of preparing to land the spot as the nation’s first woman president and approaching the campaign trail with all the confidence in the world, Hillary is seen in a recent picture as a woman in the doldrums. A picture of a sullen-looking Hillary seated all alone eating breakfast has saturated the internet. Following that sad portrait and adding insult to injury, the picture of her book pops up with a bright orange clearance tag of $4.99, as seen below in a tweet.

If there is a silver lining in this cloud, the portrait on the book jacket makes Hillary look absolutely stunning. Hillary looked worn and tired in the flood of pictures taken of the Democratic candidate in the days leading up to the election. Very few pictures of Hillary exist after the election, but the latest photo to make the rounds online paints a sad portrait of Hillary, as seen in the tweet below.

Hillary is pictured sitting at breakfast with her only companion at the table being her cell phone, which she has up near her face in the position one would use while reading a message. This picture of Hillary was taken at Mohonk Mountain House in upstate New York.

The rather large table at which Hillary is seated is outlined in untouched place settings in front of several empty seats. Her water glass is the only one filled on this circular table. A subtle clue to the holiday season is suggested with the plush red poinsettia plant looming behind Hillary on a windowsill.

Together, these pictures tell a story, a rather sad story, of one woman’s downfall. The latest photo of her book with the bright orange clearance sticker seems to mirror her clearance out of Washington due to the lost election. Biz Pac Review suggests “that’s gotta to sting,” when referring to the slashed price tag on her book. They also report that she’s not getting “any sympathy” from the social media users today. Richard Young tweets that the price of her book at $4.95 “is still $4.95 too much.”

Duane Bentzen tweeted that while “that’s a very deep discount,” he doesn’t think that even giving the book away will work at getting rid of them. A book review in the Telegraph describes the book as “At a stupefying 596 pages, Hard Choices contains Clinton’s reflections on her time as U.S. secretary of state, but it is many things besides a memoir.”

Hillary’s book almost immediately appeared to have an ill-fated future as reviews were not favorable, with the Telegraph citing a CNN commentator dubbing the book as “50 shades of boring.” Perhaps, with all the bad reviews, Hillary was waiting for the day when her memoir became a bargain basement item, but it still can’t feel good. The book can be found online for a variety of slashed prices and now offered at a fraction of its original cost.

Hillary methodically plods through every country that she visited while Secretary of State, cites the Telegraph in their review, with the writer of the review saying they had to pinch themselves in the arm to stay awake. They reminded the readers that this is a tactic Hillary herself uses when she’s made to listen to long and boring summit speeches. Many of the reviews saw Hillary as being careful in this book as she did have the campaign to the White House looming in the future when she penned this. The Telegraph suggests that Hillary should rewrite the book, but this time “leave her foot off the brake” and name it something like “Iron Your Own Shirt, Buddy.”

[Featured Image by Steven Senne/AP Image]