Liam Gallagher Not ‘Desperate’ For An Oasis Reunion, Blames Brother Noel For Not Making It Happen

Liam Gallagher has insisted, using his trademark colorful language, that he is not “desperate” for an Oasis reunion, despite what his brother Noel has been saying.

Gallagher, who has been promoting Supersonic with original Oasis guitarist Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs, said that his brother Noel was trying to make it sound like he’s the one pushing for an Oasis reunion. In light of the statement, Liam said that he’s doing a solo album with “gritted teeth,” the Mirror reports.

“All I read about is loads of d**** saying, ‘he’s desperate’. I ain’t f***ing desperate, man,” he told the Daily Star.

“I’m in the studio doing a f***ing solo record. Now that’s going to be great.”

Gallagher went so far as saying that his brother Noel has joined the “dark side.” He called him other expletives while insisting that he’s the same Liam all this time, and that he was not the reason why the band broke up in 2009.

“Noel turned into a k***head, I stayed the same. Don’t believe a word he says – he’s pulling the wool over everybody’s eyes saying that’s the reason the band split up.”

The band Oasis reportedly split following a shocking incident in Paris in 2009, in which Noel claimed that Liam threatened to hit him with a guitar. But Liam insisted that Noel started it.

Oasis fan raises a poster of Liam and Noel Gallagher while waiting in line for opening of Liam's clothing store. [Image by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images]

Since then, Liam’s notorious reputation for being difficult has persisted over the years. Still, fans of the band have clung to the hope that Oasis will have a reunion soon. Understandably, many of them blamed Liam for preventing it from happening on account of the media reports about him through the years.

Amid the negative press around him, Gallagher said that he’s doing a solo record with “gritted teeth.”

“I’m doing a solo record, with gritted teeth because I’d rather be in a band, but I’m doing that and that’s going to be recorded and should be ready for the summer.”

As previously reported by The Guardian, Liam Gallagher announced that he’s releasing a solo album due in 2017, adding that it will contain 10 or 11 songs written by him.

In an interview with Q, Gallagher described his solo album as “chin-out music.”

“The melodies are sick and the words are f***ing funny,” he said. “[It] sounds well tasty. You won’t be scratching your chin. It’s not Pink Floyd and it ain’t Radiohead. It’s chin-out music.”

Despite venturing into solo territory, Gallagher said that it’s only temporary, that he doesn’t consider himself a solo artist.

“I am not embarking on a solo ‘career'” he revealed in the same interview.

In an interview with Sky News last October, Liam Gallagher said that he is open to the idea of reuniting with the band soon, although he emphasized that he won’t go “cap in hand” to brother Noel to make it happen.

“If it happens tomorrow, I’m ready, my bags are packed. If it happens in a year, I’m still ready, if it happens in 10 years, I’m still ready,” Gallagher said.

“But there’ll be no cap in the hand and no banjo, you know what I mean? A little f****** skinny, stringy dog outside his house going ‘please sir, I need a f****** band, mate.

“If it happens, it happens, if it doesn’t, it f****** doesn’t, we move on.”

While talking at the launch of Supersonic, an upcoming documentary about Oasis, Liam took a jab at brother Noel, who did not attend the event.

“He won’t be here – he’s in one of his really, really, really, big houses, probably eating tofu, while having a f****** face peel, ain’t that right, man of the people?” he said.

Despite the expletives at his brother, Liam did admit that he misses Noel “without a doubt.”

But he did admit that his brother ruined his “Oasis career.”

“He just wanted to do this thing, there is a lot of angst there. For someone to ruin my Oasis career to further his own, we have got to get past that a little bit,” Liam Gallagher added.

Are you looking forward to an Oasis reunion if it happens?

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