Donald Trump May Save America In Spite of Itself [Opinion]

2016 saw the election of Donald Trump, a presidential candidate that received fewer popular votes than any candidate in the history of the United States. Despite Trump’s claims to the contrary, he did not win the electoral college in a landslide either. In fact, his margin of victory was the 13th lowest in history, winning only 56.88 percent of the available electoral votes available. But despite this, Donald Trump is going to end up being the president of the United States that will save America, whether she wants to be saved or not. And here’s how President-elect Trump is going to do that.

Donald Trump Makes America Great Again in Three Steps
Donald Trump, making America great again, one step at a time. [Image by Michael Snyder/AP Images]

Immigration Reform

Let’s face it. Whether you like it or not, illegal immigration is a systemic problem that both Republicans and Democrats agree needs to be addressed. President-elect Trump has made securing the border between the United States and Mexico a priority. With a Republican controlled House and Senate, he will make sure that it doesn’t sit on the back burner like the current administration. After all, the last action that was taken by the Obama administration on immigration was a bill in 2013 that was a mess of compromise and deal making. The bill was such a disaster that the Republican-led House couldn’t in good conscience even look at it, despite its provisions to double the number of border security guards and establish miles of fencing.

So with Trump at the helm, a bill that will make sure the borders are secure is sure to be put into place. That’s even with the obstacles the liberal left is sure to try to put in the way. Secure borders means that the massive influx of illegals can be stopped at the border. After all, strong walls make for a strong home, as the saying goes. And once the border is secured, Trump and his deportation laws can start focusing on illegals inside our borders and making our homes and streets safe for citizens.

Personal Freedoms

You’ll hear the left complain about how Trump plans to appoint a Supreme Court justice that will tip the court over in favor of conservative policies. Disregarding the fact that if Hillary Clinton had been elected that the Democrats would be trying to tip the court to the liberal side of things, liberals have yet to say why this is a bad thing. Why is affirming the 2nd Amendment a bad thing? Liberals are all about the Bill of Rights when it advances their causes. Furthermore, why is repealing Roe v. Wade and returning the decision of how to handle abortion back to the states a bad thing?

Liberals will have people focus on how restrictive states like Texas are making it when it comes to abortion. But here’s the thing: the officials who draft these laws, the governors who sign them, they are all elected officials. They aren’t chosen by the Electoral College, these are politicians that are chosen by popular vote. If these decisions are so unpopular, why are the officials who are making these decisions being elected?

International Relationships

Throughout the course of Trump’s many business dealings internationally, he’s met many people. This includes countries where the United States doesn’t have a good diplomatic relationship. Like it or not, the United States is not well regarded politically everywhere in the world. Donald Trump is able to do business in areas where politicians fear to tread, because business is a universal language.

Let’s not forget that foreign leaders who wouldn’t call the current administration are willing to reach out to Donald Trump. Whether it’s Taiwan, or Russia, or the Philippines, countries that are politically at odds with the United States are willing to talk to Trump. Having these non-official lines of communication could be the only thing that keeps us from conflict; they aren’t something that will cause it.

Donald Trump will make America Great Again whether it likes it or not
Allan Hale of Little Rock, Ark., believes in making America great again. [Image by Charles Krupa/AP Images]

In the end, Donald Trump is the next president of the United States. All the sign holding and banner waving won’t change that. The sooner that liberals and leftists realize that, the sooner we can get back to doing what Trump promised throughout his campaign: Making America Great Again.

[Featured Image by John Locher/AP Images]