Kanye West Blames ‘KUWTK’ Family For Downfall: Kim Kardashian Divorce Ahead? [Rumor]

Kanye West is reportedly blaming his recent tantrums and infamous breakdown on Kim Kardashian and her family, claiming that they have driven him to insanity, it’s been alleged.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Kanye has been speaking to close friends of his, telling them that he can no longer cope with all the drama that surrounds the family, which has evidently started to affect his own reputation and his music career.

West has reportedly been feeling unattached to the family for months, and after Kim’s Paris ordeal, Kanye allegedly found it hard to sympathize with his wife for the simple fact that he no longer shared the same kind of deep connection he had with her when they first started seeing one another.

Kanye West Blames ‘KUWTK’ Family For Downfall: Kim Kardashian Divorce Ahead?
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CDL strongly insinuates that Kanye West’s marriage to Kim has already hit rock bottom, and now that the “Waves” rapper is being more open about the struggles he faces just by being around the Kardashians, it’s becoming evidently clear that a split is bound to follow, a source claims.

Kim, too, has struggled to contain her own emotions, especially when it comes to public outings with her husband, with one insider claiming that she somewhat resents Kanye for the supposed fact that he was anything but supportive after the horrific robbery incident in Paris, in October.

“She was hoping to lean on Kanye for support. Instead, sources say he’s been distant and cold. He wants Kim to simply get over her drama so they can move on from the ordeal. But for Kim, it’s simply not that easy,” the outlet stresses.

Earlier this month, it was alleged, via Daily Mail, that Kim had been living in Kris Jenner’s home for the past two months. Since Kanye West was on tour, the socialite didn’t feel comfortable enough staying in her multi-million dollar Bel-Air home by herself, especially not after the things she experienced in France.

It’s unclear whether Kim is still staying with her mother, but from what insiders have said, Kanye West has gotten sick and tired of Kardashian’s family always being around them. The two have allegedly realized that their marriage is in turmoil, but instead of trying to work on their issues between one another, one of Kim’s family members intrudes and fails to give the couple some alone time.

“They are always around and Kanye feels like they never give him the breathing space he desperately needs. Insiders say that while he loves Kim, he can’t deal with her family anymore.”

It’s been reported for weeks that Kim is ready to end her marriage with Kanye West, having grown tired of the rapper’s tantrums and other wild antics.

The mother-of-two is convinced that all the negative press Kanye has brought onto her brand is going to start affecting her own career, and to avoid any further damage, a divorce is most likely the best option for the TV star at this given point.

Kanye West Blames ‘KUWTK’ Family For Downfall: Kim Kardashian Divorce Ahead?
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Again, it’s unclear whether Kim and Kanye West are seeking therapy for the supposed issues that they are having in their marriage, but according to sources, things have only gotten worse in recent months.

In fact, Kardashian’s marriage to West is in turmoil and the only thing that could somewhat revive their supposed broken relationship is through intense couples counseling.

Now that Kanye West has canceled the remaining dates of his Saint Pablo Tour, the aspiring fashion designer has more time to get his marriage back on track while making his children more of a priority, following a hectic year as far as his music career is concerned.

From distribution issues upon releasing The Life of Pablo, to having his Yeezy fashion show over the summer being named an embarrassment, with models reportedly fainting, dresses being too small for the models, and Kanye, too, showing up more than an hour late to his own event.

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