Rob Kardashian Depression: Family Feud With Blac Chyna To Blame For Diabetes Health Scare? [Rumor]

Rob Kardashian’s sudden rush to the hospital earlier this week may have been down to the constant feuding between Blac Chyna and his family members.

Two weeks ago, TMZ revealed how the reality TV couple had decided to split over claims that Chyna had cheated on Rob during their eight-month relationship, which was said to have been something that Kardashian only found out this month.

While Blac strongly denied the allegations, Rob believed what he had seen and heard, leading to a nasty confrontation between the two that resulted in a physical altercation.

Rob Kardashian Depression: Family Feud With Blac Chyna To Blame For Diabetes Health Scare?
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A source at the time noted that Chyna reportedly attacked Rob Kardashian before Kris Jenner’s boyfriend, Corey Gamble, had to pull her away, consequently leading the former stripper to pack her belongings and move out of the home she shared with her fiance.

Rob Kardashian and Blac have since made up and are officially a couple again, but according to reports, the duo still isn’t living together. Chyna is staying at another house while Rob had relocated to the Calabasas home his mother purchased for him earlier this year.

The supposed fact that Rob has been living by himself had already triggered negative thoughts in the Kardashian household, with everybody fully aware that the 29-year-old is in no state to be left by himself.

Rob, who has been dealing with diabetes, depression, and anxiety for the past four years, has reportedly been eating his feelings away. According to Hollywood Life, all the stress from becoming a father to his breakup with Chyna and his family disinviting her from last week’s Christmas party has weighed heavily on him.

Rob Kardashian has reportedly shown clear signs that he’s not coping well with all the drama that he’s constantly surrounded by, especially now that he’s living by himself and knows that his family doesn’t want anything to do with Blac Chyna following the physical incident two weeks ago.

“It has been a tough holiday season for Rob leading up to his emergency hospital visit,” an insider tells Hollywood Life. “Since Dream’s birth, Rob rarely leaves his house and does not go out often at all. He is still in a very challenging place in life dealing with a lot of stressful family issues.”

Rob Kardashian reportedly isn’t interacting with friends the way that he used to and it’s becoming very clear to his family members that the sock designer is secluding himself again — something that Rob has been doing for well over five years.

The insider continued, stressing that Kardashian is very fragile and sensitive. While Kardashian initially thought that having a child with Blac would change his life for the better, it only seems to have made things worse — he’s not coping well with parenthood and it’s beginning to show.

Rob Kardashian Depression: Family Feud With Blac Chyna To Blame For Diabetes Health Scare?
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“He turns to unhealthy tools to handle his health and relationship issues. Rob often makes strides towards a healthier lifestyle only to regress again when faced with adversity. He often takes one step forward and two steps back.”

Kris Jenner is making every attempt possible to be there for her son, having already feared the worst after learning that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna were no longer living under the same roof following yet another argument this month.

At this given point, the family is left puzzled. Kardashian has no intentions of splitting with Blac, but their relationship has been so toxic in recent months that no relative can comprehend why the 29-year-old, who is deeply struggling with depression, would put himself under that kind of drama.

What do you make of Rob Kardashian’s situation? Do you feel sorry for him?

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