‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ In 2017 Includes Player Housing, Major PvP Changes, And Fixes

As 2016 comes to a close, developers of The Elder Scrolls Online reflect on the year while looking forward to what is in store for the game in 2017. Two major pieces of downloadable content, a dungeon pack, and the free One Tamriel update highlighted the year for the MMORPG. As players enjoy that content, eager adventurers are also waiting patiently for player housing and a number of PvP changes.

In 2016, the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood DLCs released, offering heroes new ways to explore their darker sides. With repeatable quests, new skill lines, new motifs, and much more, these DLCs brought two iconic factions to The Elder Scrolls Online. Although these two paid DLCs were popular additions, the free One Tamriel update brought players together in a new way.

Player housing, PvP update coming to The Elder Scrolls Online in 2017
Players can now play together regardless of level or alliance [Image by Bethesda]

One Tamriel removed the restrictions on grouping with players from different alliances and battle-leveled the entire world. Now, players of any level can travel anywhere in the game world and start playing. This lets players of different levels easily play together. As reported in the developer blog on the official website, additions like these added up to over 7 million players entering the world of The Elder Scrolls Online since its release.

In 2017, players of The Elder Scrolls Online have several things to anticipate. The most prominent feature coming to the game is player housing with the upcoming Homestead update. As the Inquisitr reported, the patch that includes player housing is expected to release in February with over 40 homes to purchase across Tamriel.

Each home is themed around one of the game’s 10 playable races or notable locations, like Craglorn. Houses come in small, medium, and large variations across those themes in different locations for different prices. When the update launches, players can complete a series of quests to earn a free apartment in an inn, but additional houses can be purchased with gold or Crowns; currency purchased with real money.

Gold and Crowns can also purchase over 2,000 items that players can buy to decorate their new homes. Not to mention, Crowns can eventually purchase exclusive lots like a private island after Homestead releases. Any home that is purchased on an account is unlocked for all characters on that account letting real estate purchases benefit a player’s entire account.

The Elder Scrolls Online adds housing, furniture, and more in Homestead update
Some lots include outdoor areas to decorate [Image by Bethesda]

In addition to the Homestead update, players can also expect the adjustments and fixes coming with the next major update. In a preview of update 13 on the official forums, a few of the planned changes of the patch are detailed. The brief look at update 13 does not include everything that will be in the update, but the preview does focus on a few of the important PvP changes coming to The Elder Scrolls Online.

Area-of-effect damage caps will be tuned differently in update 13. Caps on area-of-effect damage are used in an effort to keep single-target damage more attractive while extending players’ survivability. In update 13, area-of-effect damage will be more potent when applying to more targets. The first six players will receive 100 percent of the damage done, but the next seven players will receive 75 percent damage, for instance. Currently, the set of seven players receive 50 percent damage making the increase relatively significant.

“We are going to modify the damage caps so that players take more damage. This will have an adverse effect on the newer players in Cyrodiil — and will make AoE more effective, but will help combat the balled-up ‘stack on crown’ groups and spread players out more.”

Other update 13 changes unique to the PvP experience in The Elder Scroll Online include fixes to becoming stuck in combat in Cyrodiil and load screen charging issues. Additionally, the upcoming update will also give PvPers a new way to spend their Alliance Points. Home keep vendors will sell Zone Bags which includes the overland zone set pieces from the selected zone. For 5,000 Alliance Points each, players can pick up a Zone Bag like the Auridon Zone Bag. That specific bag would include items from the Queen’s Elegance, Twin Sisters, and Veiled Heritance item sets; the ones that naturally drop in Auridon.

With player housing and the added features of update 13 coming to the MMORPG in 2017, players will have plenty to do in the coming months. Which feature coming to The Elder Scrolls Online is the most exciting?

[Featured Image by Bethesda]