Chris Brown Wore A Taliban Costume To A Halloween Party Hosted By Rihanna

Chris Brown wore a Taliban costume as he partied in Hollywood on Halloween. The rapper’s terrorist garb included a string of faux bullets across his chest. Brown wore the Taliban outfit to what was touted as the hottest party in Hollywood. The event was hosted by Rihanna in the West Hollywood area, according to TMZ.

Before venturing to party, Chris Brown posed in his Taliban costume with his pals. The singer’s buddies were also wearing similar costumes. A caption beneath the group photo posted on Instagram read, “Ain’t nobody F**king wit my clique!!!!”

The caption was allegedly a reference to the Jay-Z and Kanye West song entitled, “Clique,” according to the NME online music magazine.

Other celebrities attending the Hollywood Halloween party hosted by Rihanna include Flo Rida, Paris Hilton, and Olympic star Lindsay Vonn. The holiday bash was held at the Greystone Manor Supperclub. Rihanna was named the Queen of the Halloween Carnival during the event, according to Just Jared.


As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Original Rudeboys turned down an offer open for Brown at the O2. The Irish band was offered a “substantial fee” to warm up the crowd for the singer but opted against taking the slot because of Brown’s assault on Rihanna.

A release from the Original Rudeboys republished by the Mirror reads:

“In addition, with our latest single “Blue Eyes” being about domestic violence, it goes against everything we are about as a band and supporting Chris Brown would send out the wrong message to our fans.”