‘Goblin’ Ep 9 Recap And News: Gong Yoo Sweeps Fashion Industry With Trendsetting Outfits In K-Drama

Goblin is presently the hottest Korean drama on primetime television. Now on Episode 9, the show, featuring superstars Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook, has managed to unseat Lee Min Ho’s drama, The Legend of the Blue Sea, from the top spot in TV ratings.

Aside from the fantastic storyline, the male leads’ chemistry also contributes to the K-drama’s appeal. While most dramas often have the same plot of two leading actors fighting for the affection of a single woman, Goblin‘s stars each have their own arc in the series. At the same time, their respective plots still link their stories together, but in a non-competitive way.

Unsurprisingly, the drama has also been making waves in the fashion industry. Playing a 938-year-old goblin who can produce gold out of thin air, Gong Yoo has been dressing his character well with his keen sense of style. His fashionable take on the character has not escaped the eyes of the country’s fashionistas.

Most notably, in Episode 3, Gong wore a long hooded navy blue check coat, which comes from the Lanvin Paris’ 2016 Fall-Winter collection. According to Korea Herald, the outfit costs over $3,310. Despite the hefty price tag, the piece has presently become difficult to find as it is already out of stock.

Goblin star Gong Yoo sets fashion trend in South Korea
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Furthermore, Gong has also sported fashion pieces from Givenchy, Burberry, and Tom Ford, some of which have not even been launched in Korea yet. On the other hand, Dong Wook, who plays the Grim Reaper, has also caught the attention of local labels in the country as he dons fashionable all-black suits in the K-drama.

Meanwhile, Episode 9 saw the Grim Reaper reveal the true role of the Goblin’s bride. Ji Eun Tak finds out, to her horror, that once she pulls out the sword from Kim Shin’s chest, this would lead to the end of his mortal life. She also found out that this has been his most fervent wish – to finally rest. Not able to bear the weight of that responsibility, Eun-tak runs away from home.

In the meantime, the Red Lady (Lee El) turns out to be another deity, responsible for preserving life. She warns the Goblin to let Eun-tak do her job of sending him to his death, or else she would die. Since her destiny is to lay the Goblin to his resting place, her inability to do so would guarantee her own demise. That’s because Eun-tak is a missing soul and was not supposed to be alive if not for her supernatural duty.

While Eun-tak went into hiding from the deities, a call to her death came to the Grim Reaper. With this, the Goblin remembered the Red Lady’s warning. The threat to his bride’s life would come more frequent now and would only get worse. Thanks to the warning, Kim Shin was able to get to Eun-tak in time before she succumbed to severe hypothermia.

With the Goblin’s growing affection for his bride, and Eun-tak’s perennial need for his protection, the situation would only end up worse for either of them.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Sunny (Yoo In Na) could be Kim Shin’s younger sister who was killed by an arrow in his human life. And since the Grim Reaper seems to be so enamored with her, the popular speculation among fans is that he might be the young king in his previous life.

Goblin Ep 9 has the Grim Reaper witness his past life when he held Sunny's hand
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This becomes clearer when Sunny holds the Grim Reaper’s hand enabling him to have visions of her past life. He clearly saw the young princess and the young king, which could probably mean that the two of them are the present day reincarnation of Kim Shin’s kin.

Watch how the story continues to unfold in Episode 10 which airs on December 31 at TVN.

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