Joe Jackson Not Dead: Michael Jackson’s Dad Confused With Trending Football Player [Debunked]

On Twitter, there are many fans of Michael Jackson who are somewhat upset when they see the name Joe Jackson trending on social media because that is the name of MJ’s dad, and he is 88-years-old.

With all of the sudden and shocking deaths of celebrities as of late, many Michael Jackson fans on Twitter may not know that there is another Joe Jackson who is not the father of Michael Jackson. Instead, he is a young football player for the University of Miami Hurricanes.

On Twitter around 3 p.m. EST on December 28, there was suddenly a resurgence of an article from May 19 that started trending concerning news that Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson’s dad, was dead.

The Joe Jackson death article being circulated on Twitter used a questionable source for their information about Michael Jackson’s dad, and the anonymous sources were published on a website not associated with the reputable tabloid TMZ called TMZ Hip Hop.

Of course, as of December 30, America now knows that these rumors from May were not true and that Joe Jackson is alive and well. There are no current reports from official spokespeople from Michael Jackson’s family that Joe Jackson is being hospitalized or is reported as dead.

Nevertheless, fans of Michael Jackson will always check up on Joe Jackson when they see the football player’s name in the headlines because Michael Jackson’s dad has had an issue with strokes in the later years of his life.

Joe Jackson, Michael Jackson's father, after his death in 2009

Joe Jackson’s age is also a reason for fans to be concerned if they see his name trending on Twitter because he turns 89 on July 26, 2017.

As for Joe Jackson, the freshman defensive end for the Miami Hurricanes who was trending on Twitter around December 29, their football career is hitting celebrity status. The reason for Joe Jackson becoming so popular was recently explained in the following by State of the U.

“There are not many linemen on either side of the ball that can make a significant impact in their first year on campus. Jackson has not only done that, but he has Miami fans thinking that the future is bright for him.”

Obviously, America is going to have more confusing times in 2017 because every time Joe Jackson the football player is trending on Twitter, people will think it is Michael Jackson’s father they might be talking about.

Nevertheless, football player Joe Jackson is not related to the Michael Jackson family.

Adding to the confusion, there is yet another person named Joe Jackson who was a celebrity baseball player with the Chicago White Sox.

On occasion, there are headlines about “Shoeless” Joe Jackson because of his nefarious association with one of the biggest betting fixes in baseball history that took place almost 100 years ago in 1919.

What Joe Jackson may be remembered for in history is being the father of the richest celebrities of all times, since he is Michael Jackson’s dad.

For example, in mid-December, Forbes reported that Michael Jackson earned $825 Million in 2016. They also stated that this makes Michael Jackson the only celebrity in history to have a single year total that large.

Even more amazing, Michael Jackson’s net worth increased in 2016 — despite the fact that he has been dead for over seven years.

Joe Jackson last pictured at Michael Jackson's death trial in 2010.

If Michael Jackson was still alive, 2016 might have been his richest, but it would have also been one of his saddest since so many of his celebrity friends died.

For example, David Gest got to know Michael Jackson when they were kids and became close to him. According to the Independent, David Gest also dated Michael Jackson’s sister Latoya. David Gest was also a collaborator in Michael Jackson’s music career.

Access Atlanta wrote up the notable celebrity deaths of 2016, and found that there were four people close to Michael Jackson’s life or legacy that died in the past year.

In addition to David Gest, Michael Jackson’s friend Michu Meszaros died in 2016, and Meszaros was best-known for playing ALF on the hit TV show from the 1980s. Rod Temperton, co-writer of Michael Jackson’s hit song “Thriller,” died in September at age 66.

One of Michael Jackson’s most famous close friends, Carrie Fisher, also died in 2016 at the age of 60. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Carrie Fisher wrote an entire chapter about Michael Jackson in her autobiography Shockaholic.

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