Victoria Beckham Will Be Honored By The Queen of England

It seems that just a few years ago, Victoria Beckham was known only as a former member of Spice Girls and as the wife of the world-famous soccer player, David Beckham. However, since then, she has managed to build a whole fashion empire from scratch, and Victoria has participated in many charity programs. For these achievements in the fashion industry and her humanitarian work, Victoria Beckham will be awarded the Order of the British Empire, which will make her Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

Daily Mail reports that Mrs. Beckham has been added to the Queen’s New Year’s Honours list of 2017, 13 years after her husband, David Beckham, was honored with the same award and was named Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. He said that it was one of the proudest moments of his life.


Victoria Beckham’s Switch From Pop Star to The Fashion Star

Victoria Beckham first appearance was at the New York Fashion Week in 2008. Following that, she launched several lines of fashion apparel, including eyewear, denim and fragrance lines. Victoria has also started a lower-priced Victoria by Victoria Beckham label to expand her empire’s reach. For her unexpected achievements in the fashion world, she was honored with multiple awards. Among her most significant awards, she was honored with the Designer Brand of The Year at the British Fashion Awards, which she received in 2011. In 2016, Mrs. Beckham was nominated for the Womenswear Designer of the Year award thanks to the extreme popularity of her collections among her fellow Hollywood co-workers, including her best friend Eva Longoria, Anna Kendrick, and Blake Lively.

Significant Contribution as UNAIDS Ambassador

Victoria Beckham’s humanitarian activity as the UNAIDS ambassador is just as impressive as her contribution to the fashion industry. She has participated in various fundraising events to support the main mission of UNAIDS – an AIDS-free generation. With this mission, Victoria traveled to multiple HIV clinics in Africa to meet children and mothers affected by the disease in order to raise awareness of this issue. Also, Beckham was an active patron of the Elton John AIDS Foundation for more than 10 years with hopes to reduce the spread of the AIDS virus in future generations.

Victoria Beckham, mother-of-four, told to People’s magazine that she is “delighted and humbled for the recognition.” It’s been reported that 42-years-old fashion designer told the delighted news to her loved ones during the holiday season, which her family spent at Maldives. Another source told Daily Mail, “Victoria is incredibly proud of the fashion brand she has built and ever thankful for her amazing team.”

“Betrayal of Etiquette” and Wave of Negativity

However, not everyone is happy for Vicotria, and some believe that she’s violated nominee etiquette. As all nominees are sworn to keep their nomination in secret until officially revealed by Buckingham Palace. Thus, it appears, that the British-born star has broken the first rule of being nominated. Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said the incident “further discredits our honors system and It would appear to be a breach of protocol and perhaps raises questions over her suitability that she has leaked her own nomination.”

Besides supposedly broken etiquette, there was a wave of negative tweets saying that Victoria Beckham is death for the British honor system and doesn’t deserve such a prestigious award, due to her lack of talents, as was tweeted by one of the users. However, others quickly pointed out her various talents and achievements, saying that fashion industry has exactly the same right to be honored as any other.

The only thing we have left to say is “Congratulations, Victoria!”

[Featured Image by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]