‘Beauty And The Beast’ Leak Reveals Emma Watson’s Golden Voice [Video]

This new trailer gives fans their first detailed looks at those aspects of the animated Beauty and the Beast characters, whose transference into live action beings might be the most problematic. While characters like Lumiere and Mrs. Potts were easily created for the animated version, fans may find their live action counterparts somewhat lacking as far as personifying the objects as living beings.

While it remains to be seen how fans will feel about those live action characters, the real stars of this story are Belle and the Beast and, in that respect, Ms. Watson and Dan Stevens seem to have already enthralled Disney’s target audience. The romanticized tale in Beauty and the Beast shines with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens coming to life on the screen.

Beauty And The Beast Star Emma Watson Sings “Something There” For Her Beast

Beauty and the Beast, Emma Watson, Something There
A leaked 'Beauty and the Beast' toy reveals Emma Watson singing 'Something There' from the unreleased film. [Image by Disney.]

Fans of the original animated Beauty and the Beast movie are still divided over the idea of the upcoming live action film, which stars Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as Beast, but, as the Independent points out, there is still hopeful interest in the film. Part of the interest in the live action Beauty and the Beast Disney project is Emma Watson’s participation.

Emma foots the bill for Belle almost perfectly, especially with the first teases of Watson donning the yellow ballroom gown, but, until now, fans were left wondering if Emma could really impress as Belle in other departments.

In point of fact, Emma Watson’s singing has been a closely guarded secret until now, hoping to add an element of surprise for moviegoers, once Beauty and the Beast hit theaters. That plan has been spoiled through the merchandising Disney has endorsed, particularly in respect to a singing Belle doll. The collectible features Emma Watson singing “Something There” as Belle, a doll which was exclusively sold through Toys R Us.

Manufactured by Hasbro, Toys R Us has reportedly released the Beauty and the Beast toy earlier than planned, giving Disney fans an opportunity to hear Watson’s singing sooner than planned.

For those doubting the authenticity of the doll’s singing voice, Jack Morrissey, a Beauty and the Beast producer, has confirmed that the “Something There” voice does, in fact, belong to Ms. Emma Watson.

“Well there it is, straight from the shelves at Toys R’ Us…???? ・・・@The_West_Wing_ : Get ready for this one guys… FIRST LISTEN AT EMMA SINGING ‘SOMETHING THERE’!!!! I am officially floored, if she wasn’t perfect enough this has absolutely nailed her as #Belle! I cannot wait for this movie!!!???????? Recording taken from the singing Belle Hasbro doll! Not sure who to credit though, sorry!” Morrissey captioned a video on Instagram.

Beauty and the Beast is scheduled to premiere in theaters on March 17, 2017.

[Featured Image by Disney]