‘Ladies Of London’ In Jeopardy With Caroline Stanbury’s Dubai Move And Marissa Hermer’s Los Angeles Move?

The third season of Ladies of London just started a few weeks ago, but there is already the big question of whether there will be a fourth season. That’s because two of its stars, Caroline Stanbury and Marissa Hermer, are now no longer living in London full time. While viewers are already well aware of Caroline’s location change since the current episodes show her prepping for her family’s move to Dubai, Marissa surprised many viewers on Wednesday when she posted a photo of herself and family bidding adieu to London.

In her photo caption, Marissa expressed excitement over the adventures that she and her family will have in Los Angeles.


Marissa’s photo prompted many viewers to ask her whether she’s moving to Los Angeles permanently, and if so, what that means for the reality show. People expressed hope that Marissa is moving to Los Angeles only temporarily, or perhaps just for vacation, and that she’ll continue on with the show for its fourth season if there is one. Some people also suggested that perhaps Marissa should star in another Bravo show, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, now that she’s going to be living in Los Angeles.

On Twitter, Marissa provided some answers regarding her move. In response to one viewer who pleaded with Marissa to tell her that she’s not moving to Los Angeles since she’s one of her favorite cast members on the show, Marissa assured the viewer that she’d be back soon. She also explained that she and her family are now going to be living in both Los Angeles and London, splitting their time between the two locations.

When another viewer told Marissa to stay on the show, she made it clear that she intends to. Marissa added that she loves doing the show and adores her co-stars.

So what happens now with Marissa’s businesses in London? On previous seasons, Marissa was shown starting and running restaurants Top Dog Eatery and Bumpkin. In one tweet, Marissa explained that she sold Top Dog, which is actually now closed, and she has a team running Bumpkin, which she still owns and operates.

The latest Ladies of London episode actually showed Marissa’s husband, Matt Hermer, telling her that he wants to move to Los Angeles. Marissa expressed some reservations about moving across the pond. Obviously, Matt convinced Marissa to take the plunge.

In another tweet, Marissa explained that she and Matt still have their house and businesses in London and are now going to split their time between the two locations.

As for what she’s going to be doing in Los Angeles, Marissa didn’t rule out pursuing some TV work.

On Twitter, Marissa Hermer also continued to defend herself from Caroline Stanbury’s accusation that she spread negative rumors regarding her move to Dubai. As shown in the latest episode, Luke Henderson, Caroline’s friend and makeup/hair stylist, told her that some of the other women were questioning whether her move to Dubai was her way of running away from legal issues stemming from the closure of her business, Gift Library. Caroline, who had admitted that closing Gift Library resulted in a “mess” involving investors and angry, fired employees, immediately dismissed the speculation, pointing out that a move to Dubai wouldn’t just make any legal issues go away. Caroline then immediately pointed the finger at Marissa, saying that she and Matt, as business people, should know better than to start such rumors.


In a later scene, Caroline, who actually explained on the premiere episode that she and her family were moving to Dubai because her husband got a job opportunity that was too great to pass up, told Juliet Angus that she heard that Marissa was the one who started rumors about her facing legal troubles. Juliet agreed that Marissa was a “s**t-stirrer.”

In her confessional interview, Caroline took a dig at Marissa.

“Marissa started these rumors. Somehow she manages to find all the dirt there is on any of the rest of us but miraculously forgot what’s been going on in the newspapers with Boujis. I am angry. Little Miss Perfect is showing herself to maybe not be so perfect.”

As the Inquisitr reported, after the episode was aired, Marissa took to Twitter to deny starting any rumors regarding Caroline. Marissa pointed out that she was too preoccupied with other things going on in her life, namely, a life-threatening pregnancy that resulted in a C-section and hysterectomy, to concern herself with Caroline’s reasons for moving, much less actually start rumors about her. Caroline, meanwhile, continued to point the finger at Marissa.

Despite the move to Dubai, Caroline Stanbury hasn’t left London completely. As Marissa Hermer intends to do, Caroline actually splits her time between London and Dubai, as well as Los Angeles. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Caroline said during her Watch What Happens Live appearance a few weeks ago that she goes to London for the summer as it’s too hot then in Dubai and also vacations in Los Angeles quite a bit. Unlike Marissa, however, Caroline was less clear about her future with Ladies of London, admitting that she’s not sure she’ll continue with the show.

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