Dylan O'Brien's Last Day On The Teen Wolf Set: What Does This Mean For Stiles?

Kim McLendon

Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Posey were nearly always being filmed together on the set of Teen Wolf, at least for the first five seasons. Dylan got a lot of screen time in those days. Sadly, for O'Brien, Season 6 has been cut short and rather rushed. Since Season 6 will be the last for the teen thriller, this seems especially sad.

As Teen Wolf's season premiere was being filmed, Dylan O'Brien was still recovering from facial injuries and head trauma he received in an accident on the set of Maze Runner. Though the accident occurred in March, recovery from the reconstructive facial surgery he required kept Dylan sidelined until late fall as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

— The Death Cure (@MazeRunnerWW) December 24, 2016

"Work finish on this guy right here. Thanks for all the memories and a wonderful 6 season run."

— The Death Cure (@MazeRunnerWW) December 22, 2016

Rumors are flying, though, that Dylan O'Brien's Teen Wolf character Stiles is going to die in Season 6. These rumors appear to be unfounded if based only on O'Brien finishing his work on Teen Wolf Season 6. Further, killing off Stiles would make any hopes of a Teen Wolf movie very unlikely and thus it would not be logical that the Teen Wolf franchise would do that.

Teen Wolf costume worker Adam M. West sought to quell the rumors his colleague so innocently started, with a twitter post according to Carter Matt. West subtly let fans know Dylan O'Brien was just busy and allowed to finish early.

— Adam M West (@hoobuk) December 24, 2016

— Adam M West (@hoobuk) December 24, 2016


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While Teen Wolf star Dylan O'Brien was seriously injured and required a long recovery time for his injuries, it is hoped that his return to the set and to American Assassin mean he is feeling much better. It is unknown though if he is still suffering from some ill effects.

Teen Wolf's Dylan O'Brien and his fictional counterpart Stiles will hopefully live long healthy lives, even if not on the Teen Wolf TV series.

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