Delta Airlines News: Couple Arrested While On Minneapolis To Los Angeles Flight [Video]

Two Delta Airlines passengers were arrested on Wednesday for disrupting a Minneapolis flight headed for Los Angeles. According to numerous reports, the two, Blake Adam Fleisig, 35, and Christine Anne Koosmann, 36, were uncooperative and disruptive, forcing the plane to head back to St. Paul International Airport. The following are details from police reports.

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“Partial police reports released Thursday didn’t give details of the nature of the disruption. Airport police arrested the pair after the plane landed and they were both questioned by police and the FBI, Hogan said.

“The police reports show Fleisig was ticketed for disorderly conduct involving brawling or fighting and Koosmann was ticketed for disorderly conduct and for obstructing police. While police released Fleisig late Wednesday, Koosmann was taken to the Hennepin County Jail, where she was released early Thursday after posting $78 bail, the jail roster shows. She’s due in court Jan 13. The charges are all misdemeanors.”

This is as reported by Fox News. In June, another Delta Airline plane was escorted by fighter jets after a passenger got into an altercation with flight crew. Trouble is said to have started at the beginning of the Arizona to Los Angeles flight. Two F-16 jet fighters from a nearby military base escorted the plane, which was forced to land in Tucson. The following are details of the incident as reported by Time.

“Passenger Ryan Healy captured a cellphone video as authorities removed a passenger causing trouble on the plane. The unidentified passenger was taken away while a man seated next to him informed the officer they were flying together.

“‘He was just aimlessly walking,’ Healy said of the unidentified passenger. He added that he eventually stopped near the cockpit door. Other passengers said that the man did not comply when he was asked several times to return to his seat and that he was slurring. In Tucson, passengers were re-screened and took off a short time later. The FBI has not released any additional information about the suspect.”

Another incident involving Delta Airlines caused panic in May after flight DL8957 strayed into Greek airspace. Repeated calls by Greek controllers for the pilots to identify themselves went unanswered. The matter was forwarded to the Ministry of Defence leading to two F-16 fighter jets being scrambled to intercept the plane, which was nearing Santorini. The following is an excerpt of a report by the Mirror detailing the incident.

“A Delta Airlines spokesman said: ‘While transiting to Greek airspace, the flight crew of Delta flight 8957, a charter operation from Hahn, Germany to Kuwait, was unable to establish radio communications with Greek air traffic control for a short period.

“‘This occurred during a handoff between air traffic control agencies and communications were expeditiously reestablished. At no point did the Boeing 767-400ER leave its planned route of flight.’

“The incident came just hours after Egyptair flight MS 804 crashed killing 66 people -including one child and two infants, seven crew members and three security personnel.”

That said, numerous other related incidents have occurred on other airlines and in 2014, Cho Hyun-ah, a former Korean Air chief executive made headlines when she ordered a plane back while on the runway in New York. The pilot was obligated to turn the plane back to John F. Kennedy International Airport.

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Apparently, she was served nuts in a paper bag and not on a plate, which made her furious. According to the BBC, she made Park Chang-jin, the chief steward to kneel down and beg for forgiveness, and is said to have jabbed him with a document folder. Park Chang-jin denied the assault charges. She was handed a one year sentence. Back to the Los Angeles-bound Delta Air Lines flight, the arrested couple has yet to comment on the issue.

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