UFO News: Update On Fireball UFO Phenomenon With Peter Davenport Of NUFORC

In today’s UFO news, the Inquisitr features exclusive statements from Peter Davenport, the director of the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) regarding the “fireball” UFO phenomenon occurring across North America in great numbers.

Davenport, who has been a frequent guest on radio shows across the United States, has been a leading researcher on the fireball UFO phenomenon. In fact, after an exhaustive search, he was among the first UFO researchers to examine the fireball UFO sightings in detail and possibly the first UFO researcher to actually assert that these sightings in the news were a separate phenomenon in their own right.

Previously, sightings classified as fireballs by Davenport were often explained away in the news as natural phenomena, visual identification, or other mundane reasons that frequently did not fit the UFO report data at hand, he asserts. As director of NUFORC, he has first-hand access to roughly 20,000 UFO reports each month by his estimate in many radio interviews, many of which do not ultimately become files on the NUFORC website, as the team sifts through all of them and rejects those which are obvious misidentifications of natural phenomena or contain completely unverifiable or unreliable data based on all evidence at hand. The news about fireball UFO sightings is both disconcerting and difficult to grasp, according to Davenport.

Meteor shower in the sky over the United Kingdom
Many witnesses believe they are seeing a meteor when they first see a fireball UFO. [Image by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images]

“In my opinion, the many reports of clusters of red, orange, and yellow ‘orbs,’ or ‘fireballs,’ constitute the most compelling, and unsettling, phenomenon in the field of ufology today. Although small numbers of such reports appear to have been submitted both to the National UFO Reporting Center, and to other UFO organizations, for decades, the number of these reports suddenly increased dramatically, beginning in late May of 2012. NUFORC has posted probably not fewer than 12,000 written reports of this type of sighting, since the phenomenon was seen to suddenly increase, and the reports continue to be submitted, seemingly unabated.”

If Davenport is correct, the news surrounding fireball UFO sightings is not good with regard to a growing phenomenon that has been largely ignored. He is asserting that these specific UFO sightings are being dismissed in the larger UFO research and activism community in the same way that the government dismisses similar legitimate concerns expressed by the UFO activist community at large. If that is so, then this phenomenon has an almost four-year head start on a potentially larger field of research that might better explain what it is.