Julian Assange, WikiLeaks To Release Documents That Prove Moon Landing Never Happened? [Rumor]

Inquisitr Staff

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks is once again rumored to have documents that allegedly prove the moon landing never occurred. Coast to Coast AM radio show host George Noory announced on Thursday night's episode that Julian Assange allegedly is going to release documents on the news leaks website WikiLeaks that say the Apollo program "was a fraud" and that "we never went to the moon." George Noory called Julian Assange's alleged announcement one of Thursday's lead stories on Coast to Coast AM, which later sent millions of listeners searching for whether or not this story was even true.

The popular internet radio platform iHeartRadio published a highlight of Thursday night's episode of Coast to Coast AM where long-time host George Noory asked guest Joel Skousen what he thinks about the rumor that Julian Assange is allegedly going to publish documents on WikiLeaks that supposedly discredits the moon landing.

"Joel, I had a lead story tonight I've got to get your reaction to where, apparently, Julian Assange from WikiLeaks is going to release a story, a series of leaks, that the Apollo program was a fraud. We never went to the moon. Now, I have been a staunch supporter that we've been to the moon ever since this all happened. But, nonetheless, the fact that he's going to release this claiming that he's got documents from a former NASA executive is very strange, very strange. What do you think?"

[Featured Image by NASA/Getty Images]