Hatchimals Lawsuit Threats After Hatchimals Won’t Hatch, Claims Of ‘F*** Me’ Talk [Video]

The Hatchimals controversy continues to rage on, this time with talk of a lawsuit emerging. First off, parents were upset that some Hatchimals wouldn’t hatch, as reported by the Inquisitr. That fact alone has some parents threatening a class action lawsuit against the Hatchimals maker, Spin Master.

Along with the Hatchimals not hatching for some upset children, other problems are being reported — as claimed in the following viral video that purports to show a Hatchimal toy cursing. However, some beg to differ over whether or not the hatched Hatchimal is saying what the video creator claims.

The video has grown to more than 600,000 views on YouTube and showed up pretty prominently on the video-sharing website’s trending list. However, the comments section is rife with claims that the Hatchimal toy is actually saying “hug me” repeatedly instead of any curse words.

According to Business Insider, parents are still angry enough with the maker of Hatchimals that at least one of them is threatening a lawsuit. As seen in the below tweets from Twitter, a class action lawsuit or other lawsuit reports have been mentioned surrounding the Hatchimals melee. The fact that so many people paid more than the retail price for Hatchimals or went through quite a shopping hassle to garner one of the toys has added to dissatisfaction for those who couldn’t get their Hatchimals to hatch.

According to the Spin Master website, after playing with a Hatchimal while it’s still inside the shell, eventually that little egg should crack and the Hatchimals toy should emerge. However, some people have reported that their toy wouldn’t hatch — and frustrated parents would “hatch” the toy themselves by breaking them open. Others reported that the Hatchimal stopped cooing and wouldn’t do anything when it was time to hatch. One customer, Nicole Kijurina, reported to Business Insider that of the three Hatchimals that she bought — two for her children and one for a needy family — the two for her daughters did not hatch. Nicole ended up “hatching” them herself by ripping open the Hatchimals when her children cried for her to do so.

Kijurina is one of the parents saying she will file a lawsuit against the Hatchimals maker if they don’t reply to her email by January 3. People want new Hatchimals or compensation for the toys that they claim don’t work. Lots of posts about crying kids on Christmas Day flooded the Hatchimals maker’s Facebook page.

On Twitter, the following comments about lawsuit talk surrounding Hatchimals have been published.

epic fail on Hatchimals that don’t hatch. Someone needs to call me, not the other way around. I smell class action…

bad business to advertise the Hatchimals yet not sold online and out of stock Ny Tri state area. #?lawsuit.”

I was told by an associate that all Hatchimals orders companywide have been cancelled until after Christmas due to lawsuit. True?”

Meanwhile, others like Facebook users Nick Allen See shared CNN International‘s post about Hatchimals, and agreed about the class action lawsuit threats.

“All them people sold these for $200-350 smh.. ‘Most popular toy of the year.’ I hope the maker gets a class action lawsuit.”

However, some Facebook users, such as the one who wrote on the page How to Eat an Elephant about the Hatchimals lawsuit talk, called it unthinkable that children would cry over the toys not hatching and that parents would be angry enough to sue or remain on the phone waiting for customer service for two hours to hatch a Hatchimal.

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