Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill Relationship Fake? Meek's Alleged Other Woman Claims Romance Was 'Contrived To Make Money' [Report]

Emily Hutchinson

Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill have certainly had their ups and downs when it comes to their two-year romance, but a woman who claims to be Meek's other woman is now seriously calling out the rappers and claiming that their relationship was all "contrived to make [money]."

According to, Mill's self-proclaimed "side b****" spoke out about Nicki's romance with the rapper in an email to Fameolous, claiming in a message sent to the site that Nicki and Meek's relationship was all a publicity stunt. She also alleged that Mill supposedly had a number of "side chicks" while he was thought to be dating Nicki.

The site posted a screenshot to Instagram on December 29 of an email alleged to have come from a woman who claimed to have dated Mill, in which the sender, who asked to remain anonymous, claimed that Nicki and Meek had their relationship all planned out for publicity.

According to the screenshot of the message, the woman claiming to have been in a relationship with Meek while he was with Nicki alleged that he "gave [her] a timeline" of how his and Nicki's relationship was set to play out in order to gain maximum attention from the media.

"It was all contrived so that they would both make [money]," continued the anonymous source of Minaj and Mill, "so [Nicki doesn't] look like she needed Safari."

The email then went on to claim that Meek spoke about Minaj during his alleged hook-ups with the alleged other woman prior to their recent split, alleging that the rapper told her that Nicki "has an attitude."

While the authenticity of the email and the sender's claims have not been confirmed, the emailer then went on to allege that she was told by Meek while he was publicly thought to be dating Nicki that she would "be the only one," before revealing that he allegedly dated a number of other women while he was thought to be with Minaj.

"I know I'm a 'side b****' but technically, I was always supposed to be the only one," the email read, suggesting that Meek could have been dating a number of woman while with Nicki. The anonymous sender then alluded to the recent picture of a woman in red lingerie Mill uploaded to Instagram, which got fans believing he and Minaj had officially split.

"No I'm not the b**** in the pic," the woman wrote, claiming that the reason she decided to speak out about her alleged tryst with Meek was because of the racy photo that caused a whole lot of speculation.

While Meek and Nicki have not yet spoken out regarding the latest cheating and publicity stunt allegations, claims that Mill and Minaj's relationship was all "contrived" for publicity comes just days after sources revealed that the two had allegedly split in the wake of Mill posting, and then promptly deleting, the risqué lingerie photo of the mystery woman.

Bossip reported earlier this month that the photo was allegedly the last straw for Minaj, reporting that she promptly unfollowed Mill on Instagram after seeing the photo on his account while also alleging that Meek had cheated on Nicki with a boutique owner which lead to their split.

According to the site, Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill split earlier this month because Minaj had allegedly grown tired of her boyfriend's "ongoing cheating."

"Nicki and Meek are indeed broken up, he's bought a new home and they no longer live together," the site reported, stating that the lingerie photo Mill posted to Instagram, which caused a serious stir between Minaj and Meek's fans attempting to guess if the woman was in fact Minaj, was of one of the rapper's rumored "side chicks."

Meek did not confirm the allegations, although he did take to Snapchat amid the breakup rumors to post a photo with text that read, "y'all wondering who that is," before he then followed up with the word, "confidential."

But, while the latest accusations have not been confirmed, this isn't the first time Nicki and Meek have been accused of faking facets of their relationship for publicity.

Urban Islandz claimed back in November that Minaj and Meek's recent drama, which saw the duo slam each other on Instagram, was actually all a publicity stunt.

"Even while they were fighting on social media they were still texting each other and laughing," an insider alleged after Nicki seemingly claimed her boyfriend was using her for publicity while Meek then called her "temporary" prior to the cheating allegations.

"I would understand why some folks would see it as a publicity stunt," continued the source close to Minaj and her fellow rapper. "The way Nicki sees it, there is no such thing as bad publicity because publicity is what get your brand out there and make people more interested in your music."

What do you think of the reports alleging that Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj's relationship might have been a publicity stunt "contrived" to make money?

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