Hello Venus K-Pop Comeback: Fantagio Girl Group To Release ‘Mystery Of VENUS’ In 2017, Their 6th Mini-Album [Video]

K-pop fans will be extremely busy keeping up with all the K-pop acts either making their comeback or debut early 2017. So far, we reported that Ace of Angels, better known as AOA, will make their comeback early in January with their first ever Korean full-length studio album, Angel’s Knock. We also reported that Day6 will not just be making a comeback in January with a pre-concert and release, but they will actually release new content every month. And for all the K-pop fans looking forward to debuts, Varsity will make their debut early in January with their first single, “U R My Only One.”

Now, another K-pop act is reported to make their comeback early in 2017 also. Hello Venus, the K-pop girl group signed under Fantagio Music, will make their comeback in January with their latest extended play (EP), a mini-album titled Mystery of VENUS.

News of Hello Venus making a comeback early in January first started out as rumors. It was just recently that Fantagio Music confirmed the rumors to be true, as reported by Soompi. They provided the following statement to the public, giving details about Hello Venus’ comeback.

“Hello Venus is in the middle of preparing for their comeback, which is aimed for release in the second week of January. Their comeback will be in the form of a mini album release. The recording of the new single has been completed, and the album jacket shoot has also finished.”

Because of how Hello Venus’ comeback was presented, it seems there is no promotional schedule released. It is possible the schedule will release later on as we get closer to their release date, but it seems that promotions are already releasing as soon as they become available. About a week ago, it was made known that Seo Kang Joon, the K-pop idol of 5urprise who made an impact in acting for his roles in Cheese in the Trap and Entourage, will play the male star in Hello Venus’ music video. On December 21, Fantagio Music provided an official statement verifying Kang Joon’s involvement, as reported by AllKpop.

“Seo Kang Jun will be appearing in the MV of Hello Venus, which plans to make a comeback in January. The format is not that of a drama. Seo Kang Jun and all of Hello Venus will appear. The filming is planned for next week.”

Seo Kang Joon Poster for "Cheese in the Trap"
Seo Kang Joon will be the male star in Hello Venus' music video for the title track song of their upcoming 2017 comeback. [Image by Total Variety Network (tvN)]

This is the second time Seo Kang Joon has played the male star in a music video for Hello Venus. Previously, they worked together when he appeared in Hello Venus’ music video for their song “Would You Stay For Tea?,” the title track song from their second EP or mini-album of the same name.

Getting back to promotions and teasers, Hello Venus’ latest teaser recently came out just yesterday, and many K-pop fans — especially those who are Hello Cupid (official fan club of Hello Venus) — are trying to interpret what it means. The teaser is that of an image showing cuts focusing on Hello Venus members’ lips, eyes, hands, and other specific body parts. Each picture is labeled with the letter “C” and a number. It is believed “C” stands for “Clue,” and there are 12 clues total.

Hello Venus Teaser for "Mystery of Venus"
Hello Venus released the above teaser for their upcoming 2017 comeback, "Mystery of Venus." It is a hidden message which K-pop fans are trying to solve. [Image by Fantagio Music]

A source from Fantagio Music gave a statement on the teaser for Mystery of VENUS. Unfortunately, the statement provided very little on how we could solve its underlying meaning.

“Despite the teaser showing only pieces of an image, the sensual visuals of Hello Venus has people wondering about the hidden message behind the teaser. The title, Mystery of VENUS, is hinting at Hello Venus’s comeback with new music and visuals.”

Fans are still more than a week away until Hello Venus releases Mystery of VENUS, so they might get more teasers. These may include individual and group teaser images, music snippets, and music video sample. Maybe then, fans can figure out what the riddle in their first teaser is.

For those who want to listen to Hello Venus prior to their upcoming 2017 K-pop comeback, they released three songs for a three-part project, “Glow,” “Paradise,” and “Runway.” As for their last extended play or mini-album, I’m Ill, which featured a title track song of the same name, came out over a year and a half ago. The music video is attached above for viewing, but for those who want to own a copy of the album I’m Ill, it is available for purchase at YesAsia along with many of their other previous albums.

[Featured Image by Fantagio Music]