Clinton News: Hillary Clinton’s ‘Forlorn’ Christmas, ‘Clintonism’ Is Dead [Opinion]

Since losing the presidential race to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton has been keeping a low profile. During Clinton’s concession speech on November 9, she looked like a crushed woman. Rumors over Clinton’s health, the seemingly never-ending email scandal, and her loss to Trump seemed to have sapped every last ounce of energy that Hillary had left. In the circumstances, it was no surprise to see Clinton drop out of the news bubble. After all, the former secretary of state is 69-years-old, and months on the campaign trail would have been exhausting.

Clinton may have been quiet, but the fallout from her election loss keeps rumbling on. Many analysts in the media and in the Democratic party put much of the blame for Clinton’s electoral defeat on the email scandals. It is in this area of Clinton news updates that we should perhaps be most concerned.

As RT reports, Democrats blamed Clinton’s loss on state-sponsored electoral interference by Russia. President Obama upped the anti-Russian rhetoric when he threatened action against Russia in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s electoral embarrassment. Yesterday, the Obama administration expelled 34 Russian diplomats from the U.S., and today Russia retaliated by expelling 35 Americans from Russia.

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British diplomat Peter Ford slammed Obama’s actions, calling it “childish” revenge for Clinton’s election loss. Ford also branded the outgoing president as a “hypocrite” and a “sore loser” in his interview with RT because America interferes with foreign elections all the time.

“What really strikes me is the hypocrisy of the American reaction, it’s so childish, it’s obvious sour grapes for having lost, for Clinton’s having lost the election.

“America interferes in elections and referenda around the world every week. Only a few months ago, Obama came to Britain and brazenly and openly interfered into Brexit conspiring with David Cameron in a clearly prearranged script.”

As the fallout from Clinton’s election defeat sends us into a situation reminiscent of the “cold war,” it is small wonder that Hillary is Looking so forlorn.

Hillary Clinton Forlorn At Christmas

The Clinton’s have been spending some time in upstate New York over the Christmas holiday. According to the Washington Post, not even the festive season can lift Clinton’s spirits. They describe Hillary as “lonely and forlorn” as she was snapped staring into her cell phone as she ate breakfast alone at the exclusive Mohonk Mountain House Spa resort. The resort promises that “your tensions slip away as soon as you arrive,” but that doesn’t seem to have been the case for Hillary Clinton.

There is no doubt that Clinton looks pale and washed out in the photograph, perhaps she had just read Politico’s article on “The death of Clintonism.”

Wait, What Is “Clintonism” And Why Is It Dead?

Politico claim that Bill Clinton repositioned the Democratic political landscape 25 years ago. They claim that Bill and Hillary Clinton planned to build a political dynasty to rival the Kennedys.

“Bill and Hillary Clinton’s… quarter-century project to build a mutual buy-one, get-one-free Clinton dynasty has ended in her defeat, and their joint departure from the center of the national political stage they had hoped to occupy for another eight years.

“Their exit amounts to a finale not just for themselves, but for Clintonism as a working political ideology and electoral strategy.”

Let’s face it: If you had just spent 25 years on a major project and had just seen it crashing around your ears, you would be looking glum too. If her political career is at an end, Hillary will undoubtedly have more time to devote to the family’s charitable endeavor, the Clinton Foundation.

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The Clinton Foundation was something of a millstone around Hillary’s neck during the presidential campaign. The controversy around “cash for access” and how funds were spent may well have damaged Hillary’s campaign. Now that the Clinton’s are free of the political bubble, it is reported that they want to boost the Clinton Foundation.

According to the New York Post, Bill Clinton is offering to triple every donation to the Clinton Foundation, with personal donations up to a $200,000 limit.

During the election campaign Donald Trump called the Clinton Foundation “a criminal enterprise,” but Clinton Foundation chairman Bruce Lindsey said the foundation was “a force for good in the world.”

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