Matthew McConaughey Gained 45 Pounds With Milkshakes, Beer, And Pizza And Loved Every Second Of It

Matthew McConaughey doesn’t mind losing and gaining 50 pounds now and then, according to Page Six. The 46-year-old actor may have lost nearly 50 pounds for his role in Dallas Buyers Club a few years back, but it doesn’t mean he can’t gain those pounds back for a new role.

When Stephen Gaghan told Matthew McConaughey to put on some weight for his role in Gold, the Oscar-winning actor’s response was probably, “Alright, alright, alright!” The actor has gained nearly 45 pounds for the role, and producer Teddy Schwarzman revealed his messy diet.

In his interview with Page Six, Schwarzman revealed that Matthew McConaughey went fast food-friendly in order to gain those pounds for the role. The actor indulged in pizza, milkshakes, cheeseburgers, and beer.

In the film, Matthew McConaughey plays a prospector on a mission in Indonesia. It sure seems that the Oscar-winning actor is not resting on his laurels, as he wants another Academy Award for his commitment to the part.

Schwarzman revealed that they had initially planned to use a fat suit on Matthew McConaughey, but the Dallas Buyers Club actor went with the all-natural approach and quickly gained 25 pounds.

And then he gained 20 pounds more. The crew of Gold, including Matthew McConaughey, was lucky enough to film scenes at New York’s famous Four Seasons Restaurant before it closed. The owner of the joint, Aby Rosen, allowed the crew to film for free at the Seagram Building.

And Schwarzman revealed that even though the crew of about 400 people stuffed themselves with the restaurant’s food after shooting a party scene there, it wasn’t enough for Matthew McConaughey, who grabbed two boxes of pizza and a six-pack and went back to his trailer.

Just Jared reports that Matthew McConaughey expressed to Ellen how much fun he had gaining the weight.

“Cheeseburgers and beers for eight months whenever I wanted them. The only thing that makes you tired from over indulging is the thought of quitting. I never got tired, I slept great, I had great energy.”

Gold starring Matthew McConaughey and Bryce Dallas Howard hit theaters on December 25, and was honored at the Hollywood Film Awards.

Matthew McConaughey is hitting it big this holiday season, according to Cinema Blend. The actor, who recently turned 47-years-old, is voicing Buster Moon, an optimistic koala in the newly-released animated film Sing, while his female co-stars Reese Witherspoon and Scarlett Johansson are lending their voices to a domestic pig and crested porcupine respectively.


Sing has become a big holiday hit because it has a star-studded cast that includes Matthew McConaughey. Released on December 21 in the United States and on Boxing Day in other parts of the world, Sing is a computer-animated musical and, judging by its trailers and reactions of those who have already seen it; it’s actually hilarious!

Both Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon are Academy Award winners and both have upped their game by singing in the musical. But it’s not only these two, as the musical’s cast also boasts Scarlett Johansson, John C. Reilly, Nick Kroll, and Seth MacFarlane.

Matthew McConaughey is surely one of the busiest actors of this decade, according to Deadline. So it’s no wonder that the Oscar-winning actor was honored at the Caldwell Vineyards Maverick Actor Tribute at the 6th annual Napa Valley Film Festival.

The Festival recognizes actors for their contribution to the art of acting and cinematic story-telling. To further prove to the festival’s attendees that he has been working hard, Matthew McConaughey presented his latest film Gold during a private VIP screening on November 10.

The screening, which was held at the Cameo Cinema in St. Helena, was accessible only to members of the festival’s Patron Circle and Vintner Circle. The remaining 99.9 percent of the world had to wait until the end of December to see Matthew McConaughey on the big screen.

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