Roman Reigns Vs. The Rock At WrestleMania 33 And Other Possible Surprise Matches

WrestleMania 33 is still months away but it has not stopped fans from speculating which matches the WWE has in store. Most rivalries and storylines are already formulating as early as now so most fans already have an idea the most likely matches at WrestleMania 33. But those already familiar with how the mind of Vince McMahon works, certain opportunities could change the landscape of the WWE in a snap.

A good example would be Bill Goldberg’s sudden reconciliatory mood towards the WWE which suddenly sent him and Brock Lesnar back into a rivalry which will most likely culminate on WrestleMania 33. According to the WWE website, WrestleMania 33 will take place on April 2 of next year which leaves plenty of time for some major shakeups.

An article by Forbes has listed all the possible WrestleMania 33 alternative matches that would definitely shake the current WWE landscape.

Roman Reigns Vs. The Rock

Rumours has it that Roman Reigns might just team up with Rollins for a bit to face off Triple H since he screwed both Rollins and Reigns! Do you think that Rollins and Reigns can reunite and be a 2 man shield? Can Reigns and Rollins be The Shield without Ambrose for a limited time? Roman will soon get his hands on the WWE Universal Title! Roman Empire is just getting started people! Comment below and let us know if Rollins and Reigns should team up or not! #love #romanreigns #wwe #me #smile #photooftheday #selfie #theshield #happy #picoftheday #instadaily #houndsofjustice #swag #amazing #YesMovement #fashion #RomanEmpire #sethrollins #deanambrose #instalike #bestoftheday #smile #like4like #believeinreigns #believeinromanreigns

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Roman Reigns is heavily rumored to win the Universal Championship at some point and get challenged by Braun Strowman at WrestleMania 33. Hopefully, this is not true and if they do battle, the WWE should just make it for the United States Championship. While Roman Reigns is a sure fire fixture at WrestleMania 33, Braun Strowman should not be given the main event spot yet.

Rumors are rife that Reigns will have a surprise opponent for WrestleMania 33. The same article suggests that the opponent could be none other than The Rock. Vince Mcmahon is said to be hopeful that The Rock could participate in a wrestling match at WrestleMania 33. The WWE boss might need to move heaven or earth due to the Rock’s Hollywood commitments. But if Vince could pull this off then a good opponent might be The Rock’s cousin, Roman Reigns. If the fan’s level of hype for Braun Strowman does not escalate to a fever pitch just in time for WrestleMania 33, then a quick visit by the Brahma Bull may just be the cure that fans need.

Seth Rollins Vs. Kurt Angle

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Kurt angle is heavily rumored to return for the WWE sometime next year. Whether he is a full-time wrestler or not is still up for debate. But one thing is for sure, the return of the Olympic gold medalist is going to be huge. Kurt Angle has expressed interest in a return on numerous interviews and there was one name that piqued his interest; Seth Rollins. A match at WrestleMania 33 will definitely be a wrestling treat for fans.

Kurt is impressed by Seth Rollins and hopefully, the WWE could recognize this potential dream match-up for WrestleMania 33. Seth Rollins needs a great dance partner for WrestleMania 33 and if he could tangle with someone like Kurt Angle, then that would be an automatic match of the year for 2017. WrestleMania 33 needs someone like Kurt Angle, and Seth Rollins might just be the perfect dance partner.

Brock Lesnar Vs. Samoa Joe

Goldberg will be conquered #RAW

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This one could be a really doozy as fans may just see a classic rivalry in the making. A match between Brock Lesnar and Samoa Joe at WrestleMania 33 will certainly set off fireworks. This is going to be a match-up between two of the most dominating figures in pre-wrestling.

Even if fans would hate to admit it, Lesnar vs. Goldberg has already produced two duds. They need to end that whole saga, bury it six feet under and make sure it does not reach WrestleMania 33. A rivalry with Samoa Joe will put Brock Lesnar back into respectability and could produce a compelling match up leading to WrestleMania 33.

Goldberg has already ended Brock’s aura of invincibility which will enable Lesnar to have the best arc of his second career with the WWE by battling someone as popular and dominating as Samoa Joe. WrestleMania 33 would have a battle between two titans of the industry and hopefully it becomes a reality.

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