‘Pretty Little Liars’ Actress Lucy Hale Says Fans Have Some ‘PLL’ Theories Right

Some of the Pretty Little Liars fan theories are right, according to Lucy Hale. The actress who plays Aria Montgomery on the teen drama shared how some of the theories shared on social media are spot on. Now if only she could tell fans which PLL theories are right and which fans have gotten dead wrong.

Fans have speculated for years over the identity of A. While Cece Drake was revealed as A in Season 6, it was soon clear that she wasn’t the only one after the Liars. The five year time jump revealed A.D., which had fans going back to the drawing board. Who was this new person?

According to Bustle, Hale says that some of the PLL theories are right. She actually said that fans have looked back over the episodes and guessed, meaning that there could be connections in the earlier episodes. Could it be one of these top theories?

“I have seen a couple of fan theories where they got it pretty dead-on. I have no idea [how]. They just went back and re-watched episodes and figured it out. Then you get the theories that are totally wrong; they totally could make sense, but aren’t right at all.”

One of the Liars Is A.D.

This has been a theory from the very beginning of Pretty Little Liars. It makes sense that it would be one of the core characters, since each one knows plenty about the others. Fans have been quick to point out that Aria barely has anything happen to her, unless you count forcing her to turn her hair back to the pink streaks while trapped in the dollhouse.

Aria’s name also starts and ends with an A, leading to fans making the jump. However, fans also suspect Spencer, especially now that it turns out that she is Mary Drake’s child.

Alison is another suspect, but Emily and Hanna seem off the hook. They’ve had the most torture from A.D.

Andrew Will Return as A.D.

Another theory is that Andrew will make an appearance. He hasn’t been seen for a while and definitely not in person since the five-year time jump. Is it possible that he is actually still around?

Some fans suspect that he will be A.D. However, fans are divided over the connection. They believe that he could either be a child of Mrs. D. or Mary Drake. Either way, that would give him the initials A.D.

Wren Has Been Behind It All

Using the initials A.D. doesn’t mean that the new Uber A has to have those initials in their name. In fact, an image spread around Twitter stating that A.D. wasn’t the actual initials. Could it be that the initials are just based on Alison DiLaurentis, who used “A” as her way to sign off messages in the first place?

It could be that Wren is the Pretty Little Liars mastermind after all. This was believed throughout the first five seasons, until Cece was revealed as A. Once it turned out that Elliot was British, fans started putting pieces of the puzzle together. Is it possible that Wren and Elliot know each other from London? Is Wren somehow connected to Cece and Mary?

There is definitely something fishy about Wren. He did have that “problem” earlier in the show that still hasn’t quite been explained, after all.

One of the Boyfriends/Girlfriends Was A All Along

While fans have jumped from the Liars to other side characters, the significant others have been suggested now and then. Ezra and Toby have both been red herrings throughout the show, with Caleb in a close position. Then there was Paige, who turned out to be bullying Emily out of fear.

A.D. being one of the boyfriends or girlfriends would make sense. They are around the Liars all the time and know the darkest of secrets. They’re called on to help, meaning they put together plans and can use those plans to their advantage. How else did A.D. know where to find Hanna? Caleb and Toby have recently become the front runners for many Pretty Little Liars fans, but everyone is divided.

Are any of these PLL theories the ones that fans have guessed right? There are just so many out there and Hale has given some very loose clues. Which Pretty Little Liars theories do you think are the right ones?

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