Watch: Phoenix Car Chase Ends With Suspect Shot [Video]


A police chase has just ended with officers shooting the suspect on live TV.

The suspect, whose identity has not been released at this time, allegedly robbed an AM/PM convenient store on the corner of 75th and Peoria.

He was taken down at Tatum and Mockingbird near the wealthy Paradise Valley neighborhood in Phoenix moments ago.

The chase, which started at 4:10 p.m., went through multiple Phoenix neighborhoods, starting in the west valley and ending in the affluent north central area of the city.

Car chase nears end in Phoenix.
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At one point, the video shows the suspect getting out of the stolen U-Haul and attempting to carjack the owner of a white SUV with a woman and a child in it. There was mention of a gun on the suspect, which might have prompted the quick-acting Phoenix police to shoot while he was in clear line-of-sight.

Other stations in the area were quick to cover the chase. One, ABC 15, gave Arizona viewers a play-by-play of the chase as it unfolded.

Fox 10 Phoenix caught the events live as the chase lasted nearly two hours. Fox 10 is reporting that the suspect is alive after being shot multiple times by Phoenix police. The station later reported that the suspect, seen in the video as a white male, was shot with both a taser and a service revolver. He was taken to a local hospital and has been arrested.

This televised shooting echoes a previous shooting where a man committed suicide on live television. Shepard Smith covered the story, but due to a technical issue, there was no delay in place to prevent viewers from witnessing the disturbing event.

In 2012, The Huffington Post reported on Shepard Smith’s apology.

“While we were taking that car chase and showing it to you live, when the guy pulled over and got out of the vehicle, we went on delay.

“So, that’s why I didn’t talk for about 10 seconds. We created a five second delay as if you were to bleep back your DVR five seconds, that’s what we did with the picture we were showing you, so that we could see in the studio five seconds before you did, so if anything went horribly wrong, we would be able to cut away from it without subjecting you to it.

“And we really messed up. And we’re all very sorry. That didn’t belong on TV. We took every precaution we knew how to take to keep that from being on TV. And I personally apologize to you that that happened.

“Sometimes we see a lot of things that we don’t let get to you, because it’s not time appropriate, it’s insensitive, it’s just wrong. And that was wrong. And that won’t happen again on my watch. And I’m sorry.

“We’ll update you on what happened with that guy and how that went down tonight on the Fox Report.”

Police chases have been criticized in the past. In November, a Pennsylvania family of three was killed as a result of a police chase, TribLive reported.

Scene of car chase December 29, 2016.
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In 2015, USA Today released an article that discussed the high numbers of innocent civilians who have been killed during police chases by both suspects and the police. A USA Today analysis showed that since 1979, over 5,000 innocent bystanders have lost their lives during these chases. According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report, over 11,000 people have died in such incidents between 1979 and 2013.

Warning: This video contains graphic images.

In some counties, the practice is prohibited unless the offender is deemed violent. In this incident, there appear to be no casualties from either the robbery or the chase. This is a fluid story, and we will continue to update it with new information as it becomes available.

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