Obama Israel Betrayal: Some Christians Believe America Is Now Cursed

The Obama Israel betrayal has caused a lot of umbrage amongst Americans for many different reasons, but there’s a reason you may have not heard yet.

According to Catholic Online, America could be cursed because of the Obama Israel betrayal. Not only that, but believers of this theory attest that America has been cursed before for similar anti-Israel policy decisions.

“Brace yourself America, a Biblical curse may be upon our nation! Following the treachery of the Obama administration against Israel, a great disaster could be inevitable.”

Obama Israel
President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stand side-by-side during the funeral of the ninth Israeli president, Shimon Peres. [Image by Abir Sultan-Pool/Getty Images]

The Obama Israel betrayal occurred when Obama and his team declined to veto U.N. Resolution 2334, a law that “declares Israeli settlements in the occupied territories to be in violation of international law and asks Israel to stop building them.” There is speculation among the people of Israel that Obama himself is even responsible for authoring U.N. Resolution 2334, as unlike previous presidential administrations, Obama’s has not gone out of their way to protect and conserve the land of Israel.

Apparently, every time America goes against the best interest of Israel by way of the U.N. or otherwise, the former experiences consequences of devastating proportions. It is thought to have happened 10 times in the past, and now some believe, thanks to the latest Obama Israel betrayal, it’s inevitably going to happen again.

Catholic Online has taken the information about the 10 previous occurrences of betrayal to Israel by the U.S. from content that was researched and put together by Infowars.

As with the Obama Israel betrayal, on March 22, 1979, President Jimmy Carter and his team made the decision to not go through with a veto for a U.N. Resolution. In this case, it was Resolution 446 and its passing was bad for Israel. On March 28, almost a week after Carter failed to veto the law, a nuclear disaster known today as the Three Mile Island Accident happened in Middleton, Pennsylvania, which to this day remains the worst nuclear catastrophe in American history.

Obama Israel
Birds-eye view of the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant two days after the accident. [Image by G. Paul Burnett/AP Images]

In 1991, President George H. W. Bush gave a speech at the Madrid Peace Conference, which involves the gathering together of Israelis and Palestinians, in which he insisted that Israel needed to succumb to Palestine and come to a “territorial compromise.” Not long after this, the eldest Bush’s home in Kennebunkport, Maine, was greatly damaged by what is known today as “The Perfect Storm.”

Obama Israel
Photo of damage done to Westhampton Beach by "The Perfect Storm" taken on November 1, 1991. [Image by Mike Albans/AP Images]

The following year, the Madrid Peace Conference took place in Washington, D.C., on August 23. And as the conference’s very existence is a betrayal to Israel, America paid. On August 24, the infamous Hurricane Andrew hit Florida, packing a ferocious punch to the land and wreaking billions of dollars worth of havoc in its wake.

In early 1994, President Clinton held a meeting with Syria’s President Assad and during the meeting they talked about the possibility of surrendering Israel to Golan Heights. Within hours, the calamitous Northridge earthquake dealt detrimental consequences to southern California.

At the center of the Obama Israel betrayal is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who on January 21, 1998, was due to meet with then President Clinton at the White House, but when Netanyahu showed up for the lunch date he was shunned by Clinton and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. As it turns out, January 21, 1998 is also the day that White House intern Monica Lewinsky became a household name.

Obama Israel
Photo taken of a neighborhood in South Dade County, Florida on August 24, 1992 after Hurricane Andrew passed through. [Image by Ray Fairall/AP Images]

In late September, 1998, Madeleine Albright had been putting the finishing touches on an Israel policy that would have given away about 13 percent of Israeli land when Hurricane George swept into Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Yasser Arafat of Palestine was scheduled to announce a Palestinian state central to Jerusalem on May 3, 1999. Meanwhile, over in America, Oklahoma and Kansas were ravaged by violent tornadoes with winds that measured upwards of 300 miles per hour.

America was dealt 412 tornadoes in a week’s time during the spring of 2003, a series of events that coincided with U.S. Ambassador Daniel Kurtzer offering a “Road Map to Peace” plan to then Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, which offered to turn Gaza and the West Bank into a Palestinian state.

Obama predecessor President George W. Bush was able to talk Israel into surrending Gaza over to Palestine in 2005. Before that could happen, however, the Jews of Gaza had to vacate. The same day the last Jew left Gaza, on August 23, 2005, Hurricane Katrina’s first winds began to stir in the Bahamas before blowing its way across the gulf to deal death and destruction to the people of Louisiana.

Obama Israel
August 29, 2005 is the day Hurricane Katrina released its wrath upon the state of Louisiana. This picture shows people marching on that same day in 2009 to never forget. [Image by Sean Gardner/Getty Images]

The first big Obama Israel betrayal came three years into his first term when, on May 19, 2011, he asserted that Israel needed to return to the borders they had before 1967. This would have essentially given the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and East Jerusalem to the Palestinians and as such served as a great threat to Israel. A few days after this announcement, Joplin, Missouri, saw a EF-5 tornado that dealt more damage than any single tornado in America ever has.

It’s pointed out by Catholic Online that both the nuclear plant disaster and the Monica Lewinsky scandal were both incidents that came to be because of humans and not because of nature, which does not go with the theory that God is punishing America for messing with Israel, because it is said that God cannot interfere with free will.

Now, it’s been seven days since the second official Obama Israel betrayal by way of U.N. Resolution 2334, and so far it seems there hasn’t been any natural catastrophes worthy of the Biblical curse some Christians are convinced exists, though one has to wonder how long it takes believers to figure out what warrants as a curse.

Obama Israel
Early night shot of Old Jerusalem and Temple Mount. [Image by Rostislav Ageev/Shutterstock]

Will the Obama Israel betrayal result in backlash on American soil as it seemingly has for every other breach in trust between the U.S. and Israel? Or were all the past occurrences nothing more than coincidences that were handpicked by conspiracy theorists and paranoid Christians once all was said and done? Share your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

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