Chanel West Coast Shares Booty-Baring Photo In Latest Risqué Instagram Post

Chanel West Coast knows how to keep fans talking as she shares yet another racy photo to Instagram. The 28-year-old rapper and model posted a booty-baring photo last week that received over 124,000 likes.

The blonde can be seen standing in an elevator with her back to the camera as she looks seductively over her shoulder. Chanel wears a black thong under a see-through body suit that puts her booty on full display.

She also posted a similar image taken from the front, which she shouts out the company name in an ad. Fans took to commenting on the revealing photos as they told Chanel how good she looks.
"Finally some company noticed how good you look in everything you wear!"
It seems her fans enjoy seeing her fashion photos as the images received over 200 comments. Some Instagram users expressed their love for the star, saying she's their fantasy girl.
"Girl of my dreams."
Yet others told Chanel she's the most beautiful woman in the United States as she shared the racy photos.
"Your (sic) absolutely stunning and hands down the most beautiful blonde in the U.S"
Chanel West Coast posts booty-baring photo to Instagram
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The latest photos are just two risqué images Chanel has shared on her Instagram. Two weeks ago, she posted a lingerie shot as she seductively posed. A site dedicated to covering female celebrities discussed Chanel's love of taking sexy photos in an article posted on December 22. The author states Chanel West Coast's bikini body looks just as good on the East Coast as she was spotted taking selfies in Miami.

Chanel shared some of the photos in question on Instagram several days ago as she struts in a swimsuit. The article states Chanel wasn't shy when it came to baring it all for the selfies.

"Chanel was practically doing the paparazzi's tasteless work for them."
However, taking sexy photos isn't the only controversial thing the rapper is known for. Last year, Chanel was arrested for fighting after being kicked out of 1 Oak nightclub in Los Angeles. TMZ covered the incident as videos surfaced of the scuffle.
"Law enforcement tells us Chanel, who also appeared on Rob Dyrdek's 'Fantasy Factory,' got into a fight with a girl inside the club. She was promptly booted but when she got outside she started fighting security."
She was arrested for battery after she even kicked and punched the responding officers. Fans took to commenting on the situation in statements a little different than what has been left on her Instagram photos. Most people commented that she has no talent and got what she deserved for her actions.
"The phrase 'no talent a** clown' comes to mind."
Others stated Chanel was lucky to be born pretty as it seems to be her only talent, but she turns ugly once she starts interacting with people.
"What exactly is her talent again? oh yeah. she was BORN attractive. Too bad she gets really ugly when she starts talking. this obsession with no talent attractive people is really wearing thin."
It seems fans are divided when it comes to Ms. West Coast as some find her to be "the most beautiful blonde," while others wish she would just go away. Still, others commented saying they had no idea who she even was until reports of her arrest were made public. Perhaps her sexy Instagram photos are a way for her to stay in the limelight as well.

Chanel first rose to fame as she appeared on Rob Dyrdrek's MTV show Fantasy Factory where she was most recognized for her unique laugh. Since the show went off the air, Chanel has tried her hand at rapping while making club appearances.

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