Take The Poll: Would Barack Obama Have Beaten Donald Trump In The 2016 Presidential Election?

Could Barack Obama really have beaten Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election? Now you can take the poll and make your voice heard in the most-discussed hypothetical presidential matchup perhaps ever.

Many expected Hillary Clinton to make short work of Donald Trump, the scandal-plagued and free-speaking Republican candidate who appeared to be playing from behind the entire campaign. Polls throughout the campaign put Trump consistently behind Clinton by as much as double digits after the release of a controversial 2005 Access Hollywood video that appeared to show Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women.

Yet it was Trump who prevailed on Election Day, with his economic message resonating with white working-class voters in the Rust Belt states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Trump flipped all three of those states from blue to red, stealing the election from Hillary Clinton despite losing the popular vote by close to 3 million votes.

One of Clinton’s key faults was her inability to bring together the winning coalition Obama had relied on consisting of young voters and black and Hispanic voters.

In the weeks that followed the election, a new question has arisen, and many wonder if Barack Obama could have beaten Trump, were he allowed to run. Obama was up against his constitutional limit for presidential terms, but many of his supporters believe he could have mobilized the same coalition of voters who elected him to the White House two previous times.

Do you think Barack Obama could have beaten Donald Trump in the presidential election? You can take the poll below and make your voice heard.