John Krasinski And Emily Blunt Sell Their Ojai Home For $2.4 Million — $250,000 More Than John Paid In 2012

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt apparently owned several homes, according to Marie Claire. The beloved acting couple sold their home in Ojai, which is being called a “weekend getaway” home for $2.4 million. The publication notes that the pair had already sold their Los Angeles home to Kendall Jenner. Emily and John unloaded their Mulholland Drive home for $3.495 million.

The sale of Krasinski and Blunt’s lavish Ojai estate in California closed on December 28, with the four-bedroom property having sat on the market for a year. With five bathrooms, a spa, and a pool, the house was one that Krasinski bought in 2012 for $2.15 million. That means that the home still gained in value at least $250,000 from the sale, according to Allison Dunmore, PR coordinator for Redfin, where photos of the home can be viewed.

According to Variety, Krasinski and Blunt had originally wanted $4.25 million for the Ojai home, but with the dip in the real estate market, it wasn’t to be. Blunt gained plenty of attention in 2016 for her role as the alcoholic lead character of The Girl on the Train, a best-selling book that became a movie.

Ojai sits about a 90-minute drive northwest of downtown Los Angeles. The asking price on the home had dropped from $4.25 million to $2.75 million — and eventually was sold for $2.4 million. Built in the early 1980s, the home can be seen with touches of the family all throughout, such as the artwork of horses that can be viewed via the photo gallery. Emily reportedly had a fondness for riding horses. Even their child’s name can be seen in the nursery artwork. The house enjoyed more than 4,000 square feet of space, enough to house a luxurious curved staircase and four fireplaces.

As seen in the tweet above from Marie Claire, Emily and John moved into a new home in Brooklyn after renovating the space for months. The nearly 4,000-square-foot New York town home is a limestone mansion that cost the couple $6 million to buy. It is located in New York’s trendy Park Slope area, a historic section of Brooklyn. The couple rented in the Upper East side while waiting for their home to be finished with updates. The couple plunked down $300,000 to renovate their home. Krasinski and Blunt are busy with their acting duties, with John set to star in the TV series Jack Ryan as Blunt readies herself to become Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins Returns. Mary Poppins Returns will star Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda, according to EW. Walt Disney Pictures made the announcement during the middle of 2016, but IMDb reports that Mary Poppins Returns will not hit screens until 2018.

Meanwhile, comments about Blunt — everything from her home, family, and acting choices — are rampant on social media. Some of those comments can be read below. While many people write about how much John and Emily are their favorite couple, others reserve their thoughts for Blunt’s performances.

Mags Wu: “Watched this movie [The Girl on the Train], the story is mediocre, but I was impressed with Emily Blunt in her drunk acting.”

Lisa Baggio: “Girl on the Train…Emily Blunt is outstanding!!”

Ian Holt: “THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN – Emily Blunt gives a fantastic performance in this twisty little murder mystery thriller. Directed by Tate Taylor who did a great job with The Help and a lousy job with the James Brown bio pic Get On Up does journeyman work here. The problem is the story in the beginning is so damn confusing and jumps around so much, it’s hard to follow. If you stay with it, the story clears up after a while and delivers an expected ending that’s not much of a twist or a surprise. Emily Blunt’s performance holds the film together and makes it worth watching if you have nothing better to do.”

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