Leah Messer ‘Loses It’ While Dealing With Kids In ‘Teen Mom 2’ Sneak Peek

Leah Messer has been labeled as a bad mom in the past, but after attending a rehab program in 2015, she claimed to be in a much healthier place.

While Leah Messer continues to tell fans how well she’s doing and how happy she is on Twitter and Instagram, a new sneak peek at the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 has revealed her ongoing struggles as a single parent.

In a clip shared by MTV, which is titled “Leah Loses It,” the reality star and mother of three is seen snapping at her children as she attempts to look for her car keys in hopes of making it to their game on time.

After walking to the car, where her twins Ali and Aleeah, 7, are arguing, Leah Messer yells, “Stop! Have you seen the car keys?”

Ali and Aleeah continue to fight in the back seat as they do their best to communicate what happened between them to their mother. Right away, however, Messer becomes further frustrated with her children.

“Answer me!” Leah Messer growls. “I don’t want to hear the fighting. I don’t care.”

Leah Messer then walks into her house and explains to her sister, Victoria, what happened while her daughters remain outside in the car. She then goes into the basement of her house and shuts the door behind her.

“I just need a moment. I need to breathe. I’m about to have a panic attack. I’m about to freak out,” she explains.

Then, as she breaks down into tears, Leah Messer wails, “Every time MTV is here something like this has to happen. Every time!”

Leah Messer has called out MTV for editing scenes to make her look bad in the past, but she has yet to say a thing about the latest Teen Mom 2 sneak peek. Weeks ago, however, she spoke to Radar Online about her editing fears after being asked if she was nervous about how she would be portrayed during Season 7B, which premieres on MTV this Monday.

“Yes sometimes [I get nervous],” Messer admitted to Radar Online of the future scenes of the show. “There is a lot of editing and all that. You don’t know what’s going to be on air.”

Throughout the past couple of seasons of Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer has been accused of bad parenting and drug use, but all the while, she’s maintained that she is not addicted to anything. In fact, when she went to an Arizona rehab center in May of last year, she claimed she was addressing issues with anxiety and depression. Meanwhile, on the show, she was seen nodding out, slurring her words, and refusing to feed her daughters before they went to school.

During an episode of the show earlier this year, Leah Messer was seen allowing her daughter, Adalynn, to eat sugar packets as she chatted with a friend about her latest drama. Around the same time, Leah Messer took to Twitter, where she slammed MTV for manipulating the audience.

“It’s so sad how the person behind the editing can even live a happy life by editing to manipulate the audience watching. It makes me feel like my story just isn’t enough,” Messer wrote, according to a report by People Magazine earlier this year. “It hurts to feel BETRAYED by the ones I THOUGHT I could trust with my story. It goes to show you how ‘THE ENTERTAINMENT WORLD’ really is… I hope to continue to share my story but I REFUSE to allow it to be twisted for the benefit of a NETWORK!”

[Featured Image by Leah Messer/Facebook]