WWE News: Mick Foley To Undergo Hip Replacement Surgery, But Asks Fans Not To Raise Funds For Operation

As previously confirmed, Monday Night RAW General Manager and WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley will go through hip replacement surgery, an operation that would cost him $60,000, and one that he isn’t insured for. And while his fans mean well by planning to, or actually launching fundraising campaigns for the “Hardcore Legend,” Foley would rather not have anyone organize any such campaigns to help defray the costs of his operation.

Rumors of Mick Foley needing hip replacement surgery had been swirling in past weeks, but the wrestler-turned-authority-figure had stayed mysteriously silent on the matter despite normally maintaining an active presence on social media. But earlier this week, Foley broke his silence on the issue, confirming the medical issue on his official Facebook page and admitting that he does need to have his hip replaced.

In the Facebook post, Foley also noted that he hasn’t been insured for the past year, and while he is shopping around for insurance options, he isn’t sure whether he will be covered for an operation to replace a hip that’s been damaged from years of intensely physical wrestling, as was his style in his Cactus Jack and Mankind personas.

“I had health insurance for 26 years, but the last four years have been tough – with companies sending out letters telling me they will no longer be insuring families, and that I needed to find alternate insurance,” wrote Foley on Wednesday. “By 2016, health insurance was particularly confusing, and after missing one payment, I found myself no longer insured. I am doing my best to be insured in 2017, but nothing is guaranteed, and I have no idea how this new insurance company will feel about replacing a hip that clearly should’ve been replaced many years ago.”

Comicbook.com cited a key takeaway from Foley’s Facebook post that may suggest why $60,000 – the potential cost of Mick Foley’s hip replacement surgery – is such a big deal for the Monday Night RAW GM. According to Foley, he is merely on a “handshake deal” with WWE for his appearances as an on-air authority figure, and his current WWE Legends contract only pays him for merchandise sales.

Despite the fact that Foley needs a substantial amount of money for his operation, Mick took to Twitter later on Wednesday to react to attempts to set up crowdfunding attempts for his hip replacement surgery. And while he was thankful that his fans had shown great concern for his situation, he asked people not to “set up any fundraising sites” to cover costs for the operation, and to “donate to groups who truly need the help.”

As Mankind, Mick Foley was known in WWE for his reckless abandon in the ring. [Image by WWE]

According to Wrestling Inc, one fan had gone as far as to create a GoFundMe page for Mick Foley’s hip replacement surgery. The campaign, which was created by a 14-year-old girl named Abby Spencer, had reportedly raised about $600, but the money has since been refunded, and the page has been taken down. Wrestling Inc noted that Spencer, a resident of Henderson, Nevada, had also successfully raised funds for leukemia and lymphoma research, and Foley had helped her in those fundraising efforts in the past.

Based on his Facebook post, Foley appears as optimistic as ever heading into the new year, saying that he’s “going to lead a good life” regardless whether he gets a new hip or not. And while fellow wrestling legend Diamond Dallas Page had mistakenly tweeted that Mick Foley already had hip replacement surgery, Cageside Seats noted that Mick is a proponent of Page’s DDP Yoga regimens, which have helped him lose a substantial amount of extra weight, and may likely help him in recovery following the operation.

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