AOA K-Pop Comeback: FNC Entertainment Girl Group To Release 'Angel's Knock' In 2017, Their First Full-Length Studio Album [Video]

For most of the more popular K-pop acts, 2016 was a very hectic year, and the same can be said for Ace of Angels, better known as AOA. The FNC Entertainment nine-member girl group -- Choa, Jimin, Yuna, Hyejeong, Mina, Seolhyun, Chanmi, and Youkyung (only through AOA Black) -- had their high and low points in their career this year, but thankfully more of first.

Examples of AOA's high points for 2016 include the creation of AOA's third sub-unit AOA Cream, which consists of Yuna, Hyejeong, and Chanmi, releasing their debut title track "I'm Jelly Baby" and Jimin making her solo debut with her song "Call You Bae" featuring Xiumin of EXO. Their biggest high points, however, were their two albums this year, an extended play (EP) or mini-album titled Good Luck (which had a Baywatch theme to it) and their second Japanese studio album, Runway.

AOA released one extended play (EP) or mini-album in South Korea titled 'Good Luck.' It reached the top 10 on both weekly and monthly Korean Gaon Charts and sold over 44,000 units total. [Image by FNC Entertainment]

So far, there has only been one low point for AOA this year, and it too has a silver lining. Back in October, Youkyung chose not to renew her contract with FNC Entertainment, which effectively meant she was no longer a member of AOA Black. The silver lining, however, is that she will be a guest member for any future activities for the sub-group.

As mentioned earlier, AOA had a hectic 2016. However, they are now looking forward to 2017 as they plan to enter the new year with a bang. AOA will make their first K-pop comeback for 2017 in January. Not only that, it will be AOA's first full-length studio album for South Korea and will be titled Angel's Knock.

News of AOA's first K-pop comeback for 2017 was first revealed when FNC Entertainment released a promotional plan poster for Angel's Knock, as reported by Soompi. Starting on the day after Christmas, the first promotion was titled "Another Me." Afterward, promotions would continue consecutively up to December 30, which includes "AOA vs. AOA #1," "AOA vs. AOA #2," "Secret Room," and "Magic of Umbrella."

FNC Entertainment released the above poster detailing the promotional plan for AOA's 'Angel's Knock' studio album. [Image by FNC Entertainment]

Since it is technically December 30 in South Korea right now, all the promotions have been officially released. Below is what each promotion means and how they relate to the promotion of the upcoming studio album Angel's Knock.

12/26/16 - "Another Me" -- The "Another Me" promotion is a launching film for Angel's Knock. It features AOA's most popular member, Seolhyun. It shows her in two different styles; one seems innocent and pure while the other is aggressive and fierce. This references the fact Angel's Knock is following the trend of K-pop comebacks that have more than one title track song in which their songs are "Excuse Me" and "Bing Bing."

12/27/16 and 12/28/16 - "AOA vs. AOA #1" and "#2" -- The "AOA vs. AOA #1" and "AOA vs. AOA #2" promotions are teaser images for AOA for Angel's Knock. Since there are two title track songs, there are two sets of images to promote. One of the teaser images is used as the featured image for this article.

12/29/16 - "Secret Room" -- The "Secret Room" promotion is a teaser for the music video for "Excuse Me." From what we can discern from the teaser, the setting seems to be an office, probably a military post or post office given the fact there is a map. As for the music teased, it is a beat-heavy dance track best played in clubs.

12/30/16 - "Magic of Umbrella" -- The "Magic of Umbrella" promotion is a teaser for the music video for "Bing Bing" (featured video on top of article). The teaser shows "Bing Bing" will be the box set music video featuring dancing. The prop they are using is, well, and umbrella. Not sure if rain will be involved, though.

We are three days (technically two days away since South Korea is one day ahead of the Americas) until FNC Entertainment and AOA drops their first South Korean studio album, Angel's Knock, featuring two title tracks, "Excuse Me" and "Bing Bing." For K-pop fans, especially those who are Elvis (official fan club of AOA) who want to order their copy of Angel's Knock in advance, it is available for pre-order on YesAsia. There is an "A" and "B" version along with options that include a poster in a tube.

[Featured Image by FNC Entertainment]