Anti-Obama Spam Texts Linked To Republican Consultants

Anti-Obama spam texts were sent to many people who are following the presidential campaign via social media, or who have a relation to someone who is, on Tuesday night.

The anti-Obama spam texts went out between 7:30 and 10 pm, NPRreports. Texts which were anonymously sent, were then quickly and easily traced to a Republican consulting firm in Northern Virginia.

The communications firm did not admit any wrongdoing, though they also did not deny responsibility for the barrage of unsolicited, anti-Obama texts which hundreds of people received, Politicoreported.

On Wednesday, revealed all of the internet domains associated with the spam texts and then suspended them for “spam and abuse.” The owner is ccAdvertising of Centreville, Virginia.

The domain registrant name changed from morning to night on Wednesday, going from failed Virginia state Senate candidate Jason Flanary to G. Joseph, respectively.

Gabriel Joseph III is the CEO of ccAdvertising, which has been in the media a number of times concerning the firms questionable advertising practices which are believed to be done on behalf of conservative causes and politicians.


The anti-Obama spam texts were sent from an email address and not a phone number, which is a spamming and autodialing loophole which the FCC has considered closing.

No calls were returned to news agencies requesting comment from the firm. However, an unsigned statement was issued from the company:

“In the more than 12 years since its founding and currently, ccAdvertising has scrupulously complied with all laws and regulations affecting its activities. It appears that statements currently being made about ccAdvertising are largely motivated by partisan political considerations.”

A majority of the anti-Obama spam texts violated FEC regulations because they lacked information regarding their origin.