Hatchimals Enrage Parents And Leave Kids Heartbroken For ‘Uttering Profanities’ And For Allegedly Failing To Do Their One Job

As the holidays are nearly over, many parents express regret for buying one of the year’s trendiest toys: Hatchimals. What was supposed to be a child-friendly toy sparked concern when it allegedly uttered profanities. Parents Sarah and Nick Galego from Victoria Canada uploaded a video where they accused the Hatchimal of swearing. It reportedly said “F**k me” although some online users said that all they could hear was “Hug me.”

The holiday season’s popular toy likewise left dozens of children heartbroken for failing to do its sole job – to hatch. Some parents complain that the robotic critters made their children cry.

Mother Nicole Kijurina told the Business Insider that she bought three Hatchimals for her daughters as well as for a family friend. Her experience was far from delightful.

“To my surprise both of my Hatchimals for my girls did not hatch. One just kept [flashing] red eyes [through the shell] and the other wouldn’t spin or move. I ripped the eggs open as requested by both my girls who were crying and heartbroken, because let’s face it, the hatching is the best part.”

Hatchimals are a craze because of the thrill that comes with the hatching process. The toys are sold in eggs and the recipients have to “nurture” them for up to an hour to watch the creatures make their way out of their shells. After hatching, the Hatchimal progresses through different stages – infant, toddler, and kid – where it will learn new skills accordingly.

Woman excited to receive a Hatchimal

Like Kijurina, many parents have resorted to flooding the Facebook page of Spin Makers, the company behind Hatchimals, with furious comments.

“I’ve been on hold trying to solve my unhatchable Hatchimal issue for an hour now. I’ve got a crushed little girl who couldn’t get her egg to hatch watching her brother play with the one that did hatch. She’s asking why Santa sent a broken toy. PLEASE HELP,” wrote Rachel Carter.

Another Facebook user named Becky Louise Payne shared her disappointing experience when they needed to manually pull out the animal from its egg.

“So after my son begging for a Hatchimal since October, we finally managed to get hold of one for him! Only for it to be a complete let down on Christmas morning. After spending nearly two hours trying to get it to hatch, with no success and a very upset four-year-old and four adults reading through every part of the instructions to ensure we were doing everything correctly, with no luck we had to pull the egg apart to finally release the Hatchimal. What are you going to do about this? I would have expected this from a £10 Hatchimal replica, not from the £60 real thing. This is a joke!”


To appease the devastation of the children, many parents have opted to “rip open” their Hatchimals. Some are wondering if the faulty Hatchimals were merely parts of a bad batch created by Spin Master. The company appears to be working round-the-clock to answer the complaints addressed to its service center. It said in a statement that the company increased the number of its Consumer Care representatives to help consumers who have encountered struggles with their Hatchimals.


In addition, Spin Master asked consumers to review the troubleshooting tips published on its website. Prior to the holidays, major retailers including Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us all scrambled to keep an adequate stock of Hatchimals. Toys R Us even had to implement a policy of one Hatchimal per customer in a bid to let more shoppers enjoy the prized toy.

While Hatchimals were originally sold from $50 to $60 when they were launched in October, the increasing demands led to some people re-selling the toys for staggering amounts.

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