‘Dance Moms’ Season 7 Recap, Spoilers: Abby Lee Miller Sends Elliana Home, Mini Mom Quits In Episode 5

Abby Lee Miller is leaving no stone unturned until she finds ALDC’s “Great Eight.” In the last episode of Dance Moms Season 7, “New Kid on the Block,” Abby brought in a new dancer, Maesi Caes, to bridge the gap between the minis and the junior elite.

After sending Daviana Fletcher home in Dance Moms Season 7, Episode 4, “Winner Takes All,” Abby Lee Miller brought in yet another dancer on ALDC in Episode 5, “New Kid on the Block.” By bringing in Maesi Caes to the team, Abby thought that she could help bridge the gap between Brynn Rumfallo’s and Elliana Walmsley’s height.

“I am building one super ALDC team. That team that nobody’s gonna beat and I always look at Kalani as the oldest member of the group, and Lilliana as potentially the youngest member of the group. I never really looked at it from the middle out, and that’s what I should be doing because that’s the core and this is gonna put the pressure on that kid.”


Some of the moms, particularly Yolanda and Stacey, were not too thrilled with the addition of the new Dance Moms cast member. At one point, Yolanda even said that the ALDC does not need Macey on the team because she’s not really sure what asset she’s bringing in. The mini mom was also frustrated how everyone was so accepting of Maesi and her mom Jamie.

“Jamie is thoroughly being accepted by all the junior elite moms. You guys were brutal to me when I came in but all of a sudden this woman walks in and you’re like, ‘Come on in,’ with open arms. I think it’s ridiculous,” Yolanda said.

Ashlee Allen, Brynn Rumfallo’s mom, speculated that Yolanda was threatened by Macie’s presence. With the addition of Macie, Ashlee pointed out that Elliana is no longer going to be the star of the “little kid team.”

It seems like the pressure really did get to Maesi. As seen on the Dance Moms Season 7 episode, “New Kid on the Block” the 11-year-old ended up forgetting the choreography during the group dance. Their hip hop routine, “Notorious ALDC” ended up placing third in the Teen Group category, breaking the Dance Moms stars winning streak.

“Maesi, you messed up the hip hop dance right in front of everybody. You forgot the steps in front of people who have worked hard and long, who I’ve worked hard and long with to get them to this level. We worked too hard to let some kid who’s a nobody come in here and screw that up,” Abby told the newcomer.

When Abby told Maesi that she’s cut from the team, the junior elite moms quickly came to her defense. They encouraged the ALDC coach to give Maesi another chance just like what she did with some of the other Dance Moms stars before.

“But Abby you’ve had other kids mess up that you kept. Elliana forgot her whole solo the first time she did a solo. And you kept her,” Ashlee pointed out.

This seemed to be the breaking point for Yolanda. Saying that she’s done “being the center of everyone’s negativity,” Elliana’s mom decided that it was time to leave Dance Moms.

“Abby, honestly, at this point, give her Elliana’s spot,” she said.


“Alright, Elliana you’re going home,” Abby conceded.

Elliana broke down in tears after hearing what her mom and Abby said. Yolanda later admitted that by giving her daughter’s spot to Maesi, she was hoping that the junior elite moms would realize how rude they were towards her.

“I just made this flippin’ comment to the junior elite moms hoping that they would kinda take a step back and be like, ‘Wow, you know maybe we are actually not being very nice to Yolanda and Elliana.’ Nope. Nothing at all.”

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Dance Moms Season 7 airs Tuesdays on Lifetime.

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