‘The Elder Scrolls VI’ Prediction: Analyst Michael Pachter Responds To Pete Hines’ Mockery, Claims Bethesda Talks ‘Dog Years’

Bethesda’s highly anticipated game The Elder Scrolls VI may not be happening anytime soon as hinted by the studio’s Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing, Pete Hines. This is contrary to what analyst Michael Pachter predicted last week, claiming that the game will come out next year.

Recently, Gamesindustry.biz released their annual top predictions from game industry analysts. Included in the panel are Joost van Dreunen (SuperData), Patrick Walker (EEDAR), Piers Harding-Rolls (IHS Markit), Dr. Serkan Toto (Kantan Games), and Michael Pachter (Wedbush Securities). But what really caught the attention of gaming enthusiasts was Pachter’s prediction about Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls VI.

According to the well-known Wedbush Securities analyst, the latest installment of the hit franchise, The Elder Scrolls VI, will be coming out as early as 2017. This is despite Bethesda’s Pete Hines’ announcement last June that the game ” isn’t coming for years.”

“The next Elder Scrolls installment comes out, the next Half Life installment does not. I think Bethesda is close, and think that Valve is not. However, I’d like to be half wrong on this one.”

Given Pachter’s reputation in providing almost accurate prediction in the games industry, many were inclined to believe that The Elder Scrolls VI is indeed launching next year. The fact that the game has been long overdue adds up to the hype of its official launch. And with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim remastered version released earlier this year, fans believe that it’s about time to start pushing for The Elder Scrolls VI as early as 2017.

However, Hines rained on Pachter’s parade, clearing false hopes that his prediction may have caused. Bethesda’s VP took to Twitter and shared his thoughts about Pachter’s interesting prediction. It can be recalled that Hines has been very vocal about the status and their plans for The Elder Scrolls VI. In fact, he reiterated multiple times in the past that the game is currently not their priority. Hines even stated back in June that The Elder Scrolls VI “isn’t being worked on for the moment.”

On the other hand, Pachter was also quick to respond on Hines’ mockery via Twitter. And it seems like the controversial analyst still hopes that The Elder Scrolls VI will be coming out sooner than expected. Pachter also expressed his intent to buy the game as soon as it comes out.

A look back at Pachter’s predictions in the previous years show that some of the analyst’s forecast did come to fruition. In 2013, Pachter predicted that Sony’s and Microsoft’s new consoles will do well in the next three years particularly in terms of sales. True enough, Sony announced that they had sold a total of 50 million PlayStation 4s units worldwide. Last year, Pachter forecasted that Sony will discontinue their PlayStation Vita. Apparently, the handheld console appears to have been dropped especially with its non-appearance at the recently concluded E3.

As for next year, Pachter revealed that aside from The Elder Scrolls VI, other franchise’s will make their way in the gaming scene. Included in his prediction is the major return of Call Of Duty with its Modern Warfare title. Super Mario Run is also expected to continue its success but will eventually diminish in terms of popularity by June. Another big hit, Pokemon GO, was predicted by Pachter to drop out of the top ten games in every country.

So far, it remains unclear as to when The Elder Scrolls’ s installment will be finally available for gaming enthusiasts. Fans will have to wait a bit longer before finally getting their hands on the much-awaited sixth The Elder Scrolls VI.

[Featured Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]