‘The Bachelor’ 2017: Who Is Elizabeth Sandoz And What Is Their Connection?

Nick Viall is about to try to find love on The Bachelor 2017 and one girl that shows up is familiar to him. It turns out that a girl named Elizabeth “Liz” Sandoz will be on this season and she already knows Nick Viall pretty well. Elizabeth actually has already slept with Nick, but it was just a one night stand for these two. Hollywood Life shared some of the details about who Elizabeth Sandoz is and how she already knows Nick Viall.

Elizabeth Sandoz was actually the maid of honor at Jade Roper Tolbert’s wedding to Tanner Tolbert. This is where Nick met Liz. They were both at the wedding. Bustle shared that Jade picked Elizabeth because she is her closest friend. They have actually been best friends since kindergarten. Elizabeth loves to travel and works as a life coach. Elizabeth Sandoz has her own website, which is called A Romanced Life. On her site, Elizabeth shares about her life and her job. She hasn’t posted on it in almost a year, though.

When Jade Roper Tolbert got married, Elizabeth Sandoz was there and by her side. She also was the girl who caught the bouquet meaning that she should have been the next one to get married. Nick did share that he falls in love with more than one girl this season.

Reality Steve was able to spoil how Elizabeth Sandoz and Nick Viall know each other. It is from the wedding, but it wasn’t just that they were introduced or ran into each other. On Episode 1, Liz will get an intro video that shows everyone a bit about her. In this video, she will admit that she has already met Nick Viall. They won’t keep the fact that Elizabeth Sandoz and Nick know each other a secret at all. They will show Sandoz dancing next to Viall and even show some clips of Elizabeth from the wedding.

Elizabeth will admit that they had a lot of alcohol that night and when she is asked if she spent the night with Nick she will say that she is going to plead the fifth. Of course, the fact that Elizabeth and Nick have already had sex comes out later. She will even say that Viall asked for her number that night, but she didn’t give it to him because for some reason she thought he was just being nice to her. The fact that they had sex on that night will come out later, though.

When Elizabeth Sandoz meets Nick Viall on night one, she won’t even say her name because she wants to figure out if he knows who she is and Nick will remember her. It is obvious that Nick Viall didn’t know that she was coming that night. It will be interesting to see how long Nick will keep Elizabeth Sandoz around. He had a long time to call her after the night they spent together and obviously they never ended up dating.

Are you shocked that they cast Elizabeth Sandoz despite her past with Nick Viall? Do you think that Nick should send her home right away? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelor 2017 on Monday nights starting on January 2 on ABC.

[Featured Image by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]