Police: Virginia Mom Beat Child With Baseball Bat For Telling On Her

A Virginia mom has been arrested after authorities say she physically assaulted her 11-year-old daughter with an aluminum baseball bat. WTKR News reports that 35-year-old Andrea Gehring allegedly beat the little girl for an absolutely shocking reason.

The violent incident reportedly took place at the end of November, but the investigation has led to details being released to media sources nearly an entire month later. Police say the late-November incident ended in the unnamed 11-year-old child with numerous injuries — including broken bones. That’s not the only shocking detail in this case.

Authorities say the Virginia mom violently assaulted her daughter because the little girl supposedly “told on her” for cheating on her boyfriend. The child reportedly told her mother’s boyfriend that she had been out with other men. This reportedly infuriated Gehring, who is accused of using a baseball bat to brutally beat the child.

The 11-year-old girl told authorities that her mother made her clean up her own blood, using cleaning supplies, to scrub away evidence of the violent beating. She was allegedly made to do this even though she was suffering from broken bones in association with the beating.

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Details are sparse in this case, so it’s not known how the authorities were alerted to the abuse. It’s known that the little girl told police what happened to her, but it’s not known if the Virginia mom sought medical attention for her child after beating her, or if someone else called the police. What is being reported, however, is that 35-year-old Andrea Gehring reportedly told police that her 11-year-old daughter got her injuries by falling into a dollhouse.

Currently, Gehring remains jailed on various charges stemming from her November 30 arrest. She has been charged with First Conviction DUI, Malicious Intent Stabbing, Cutting, Wounding, and Child Abuse Neglect with Serious Injury. She is being held in jail on no bond, where she will remain until her trial dates are put in order. It’s fortunate that the 11-year-old child in this case survived the alleged assault when many child victims aren’t so lucky.

Sadly, this is far from the only time someone has been accused of beating their own child with an object. It’s also not the only time a baseball bat has been reportedly used in a violent incident involving children. Earlier this year, a New York father admitted to violently beating his own daughter to death with a wooden baseball bat. The Daily Mail reports that the 21-month-old tot was a cancer survivor, who had already been through so much in her short life.

Her father, 25-year-old Ryan Lawrence also burned her body and dumped the remains in a body of water, in an attempt to dispose of evidence of the crime. It’s been implied that Lawrence killed his little girl because he was jealous of the attention she had been getting. Ultimately, Ryan Lawrence was sentenced to just 25 years of imprisonment.

[Featured Image by Virginia Beach Police]