Seo In Guk Comeback With ‘BeBe’ — ‘Shopping King Louis’ And ’38 Task Force’ K-Drama Star Seduces With New Single [Video]

Hallyu star Seo In Guk had a very phenomenal 2016. It started out with his role in the Orion Cinema Network (OCN) K-drama 38 Task Force opposite Ma Dong Seok. It was about Yang Jeong Do (In Guk), a professional conman and swindler, and Baek Sung Il (Dong Seok), the manager of Tax Collection Bureau’s Section Three, working together to swindle money from the rich who owe a lot back in taxes. Squad 38 was so popular that it became the highest-rated K-drama to ever air on OCN.

Though Squad 38 was very popular for what it was, the one K-drama that got the most attention for Seo In Guk was Shopping King Louis opposite Nam Ji Hyun. The Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation drama was about Kang Ji Sung (Seo Guk), a surviving heir of a chaebol chairman who goes by the nickname “Louis,” who suddenly finds himself homeless without any recollection of who he was. He is found by Ko Bok Shil (Ji Hyun) who takes him in since he seems to have a connection with her brother whom she is trying to find. Together, they try to find out what happened to Bok Shil’s brother while Louis tries to regain his memory. Shopping King Louis was very popular during its season and earned double-digit ratings. The only K-drama to do better than it was Jealousy Incarnate.

Posters for "38 Task Force" and "Shopping King Louis"
Seo In Guk starred in both "38 Task Force" and "Shopping King Louis." Both were popular during the time they aired. [Images by Orion Cinema Network (OCN) and Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC)]

Summarized, Seo In Guk joins an elite few Korean actors like Park Bo Gum, Yoon Sang Hyun, Kim Go Eun, Ji Soo, and Lee Sung Kyung who starred in numerous K-dramas that were popular this year. Ergo, K-drama fans are more than satisfied with In Guk, but what about his fans who know him for his musical career. Well, they no longer have to wait as Seo In Guk ends the year with a musical comeback in which he seduces with “BeBe.”

Seo In Guk’s comeback marks his sixth digital single within his career. According to Soompi, In Guk himself wrote the song and showcases a different side of this balladeer career. It should also be reported that In Guk produced the track and provided composition with producing team MELODESIGN, Keeproots, Fascinating, Andreas Oberg, and Hani Alwani. As for the music video for “BeBe,” it was directed by Mustache Films making it the second time they worked with In Guk. The first time was with his music video for “Seasons of the Heart.” It uses vivid colors to give off an omniscience of danger since the song’s theme is about a secret and dangerous romance between a man and a woman.

Seo In Guk's Album "BeBe"
"BeBe" is the sixth digital single Seo In Guk has released. It is technically his second single for 2016 as "Seasons Of The Heart" was previously released. [Image by Jellyfish Entertainment/CJ E&M]

Prior to the release of “BeBe,” Seo In Guk interacted with his fans on the Naver V app, as reported by K-Pop Herald. Apparently, In Guk made it known that he always wanted to do a hip-hop and/or R&B song, something he isn’t technically known for doing. As a result of this fact, he was looking forward to “BeBe.” Also on the interaction on the Naver V app, In Guk made it known there will be an upcoming concert called Mint Chocolate which will take place this coming Saturday on New Year’s Eve, December 31.

“You’ll be able to see new sides of me and you’ll be shocked. Let’s have some fun spending the last day of 2016 and New Year’s day together.”

Seo In Guk’s latest single “BeBe” is available to download on iTunes for $1.29 USD. As for his two K-dramas this year, 38 Task Force is available to watch on OnDemandKorea and on both DramaFever and Viki by its other title Squad 38. As for Shopping King Louis, it is available to watch on OnDemandKorea and DramaFever. It is also available on Viki as Shopping King Louie.

[Featured Image by Jellyfish Entertainment/C&J EM]