Washington Redskins’ WR DeSean Jackson Discusses His Pending Free Agency As Team Pushes For Playoff Berth

The Washington Redskins are pushing for their second consecutive playoff appearance. Helping the Redskins get there is wide receiver DeSean Jackson. Not only is Jackson looking to help get the Washington Redskins back to the postseason, but he is also looking forward to NFL free agency after the season. The timing for this is curious given what the Redskins are looking to do.

In an ESPN report, the Redskins’ star wide receiver discusses his status as a pending free agent at the end of the season. Jackson talks about ending the season on strong note and being a free agent for the first time in his career.

“Once free agency comes, we’ll see how it plays out. This is the first time in my career I’ll hit the free-agent market, so I’m definitely intrigued about seeing what’s going to happen and test the market and see what’s going on. Who knows what will happen?”

There are plenty of unknowns awaiting the Washington Redskins. They must defeat the New York Giants on Sunday in order to be playoff-bound. If not, they will be cleaning out their lockers immediately after the game.

Washington Redskins' Desean Jackson
Desean Jackson is set to become an NFL free agent for the first time in his career. There is plenty of speculation as to which team he will play for next. [Image by Patrick Smith/Getty Images]

According to the Sporting News, the only ways for the Washington Redskins to be out of the playoffs is with a loss. The Redskins can win and be out of the playoffs with a tie in the Detroit Lions versus Green Bay Packers game. So essentially it is win and get in for the Redskins. Jackson will be counted on to bring that goal to fruition.

Can Jackson get away with thinking about free agency? He spoke as if there is a possibility that the Giants’ game could be his last with the Redskins. Although he did sound hopeful.

“Hopefully, I’m still here, but you never know how it plays out. I don’t get caught up in that stuff…. It’s been a great three years. I’ve had a great time in Washington. I love the city. A lot of great times and a lot of great memories. So as far as me thinking about my time here and it could be my last game here, I don’t look at it like that.”

Are DeSean Jackson’s priorities in the right place?

There are plenty of opinions on the subject. Some people believe that Jackson should focus on the Washington Redskins defeating the New York Giants and getting into the postseason. Others take note that the NFL is a business and that DeSean Jackson has a huge business decision on his hands. Then there are some people who have begun speculating that Jackson’s days with the Redskins are over.

According to CBS Philadelphia, Brandon Graham, a former teammate of DeSean Jackson’s during his tenure with the Philadelphia Eagles, made a claim that the receiver will rejoin the team.

It would make sense for Jackson to return to the Eagles if he were to leave the Redskins. Barring other additions on the Eagles, Jackson would be the undisputed No. 1 receiver. Unlike with the Redskins and the iffy contractual status of quarterback Kirk Cousins, the Eagles are stable with Carson Wentz entrenched as the starter for at least three more seasons.

All the Philadelphia Eagles were missing this season was a No. 1 receiver that has the speed to take the top off of opposing defenses. DeSean Jackson can fill in nicely. But there is some other business at hand.

Jackson can control his fate with a strong showing for the Washington Redskins on Sunday. By being one of the major cogs in a Redskins playoff berth, Jackson can enhance his market tremendously. Obviously he will have to avoid a major injury, but injuries are hard to control in the NFL.

Making the NFL playoffs should be DeSean Jackson’s top priority. After the Washington Redskins’ season is officially over with, he can then focus on NFL free agency.

[Featured Image by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images]