‘Huffington Post’ Writer Allegedly Creates $5 Million GoFundMe Account For Bullying Social Experiment

The person behind a questionable GoFundMe account that went viral on Wednesday might have ulterior motives for posting on the crowdfunding website.

Catherine Elizabeth Clennan, a 27-year-old Laramie, Wyoming, resident, explains on her profile, which was created last Friday, that she’s a secretly gay college dropout who’s currently stuck between a rock and a hard place thanks to extremely conservative relatives.

“I live [on] property owned by my family [and] they pay everything for me,” Clennan expresses on the page, titled “Fulfilling My Lifelong Dream,” “[but] I am 27 years old. As long as I live by their definition, I am ‘taken care of’, but this definition is leading me to death’s door, [because] it forces me to live a lie, to turn my back to who I really am: a free spirit, an artist, a woman, a lesbian, a civil rights activist, a woman who goes against the grain, a woman who knows that not everything is as it seems.”

To break away from the familial pack and by association, live her best life, Catherine is inquiring folks to help her raise enough money to strike out on her own. The amount she’s asking for? A mere $5 million.

“I need [at least] $2,000,000 dollars to purchase my dream home in California,” she explains.

“I need the money to help me walk out of the lie that I am living, but more importantly I need the money to live my dream, which is to live as much as my life in the spiritual dimension as possible.”

As expected, most who came across Clennan’s somewhat outrageous GoFundMe request had some choice words for her.

“What drugs are you on,” a user named Zack asked. “You are being selfish! There are people [out there] who need medical attention, shelter, food, and clean water. Stop being a self-entitled brat who expects the world to coddle them!”

What they may not have seen, however, was Clennan responding to each and every negative comment she received.

“You do not have to donate if you don’t want to,” she remarked, first copying and pasting Zack’s original statement. “But, as an American, I have the right to ask for money however I damn well please.”

Now, if Clennan’s needs and attitude sound a bit outlandish to anyone in this case — and they undoubtedly do — there might be a good reason why that is; at least, according to what Turtle Boy Sports is reporting.

After doing some quick research on Clennan’s background, the website uncovered that the woman is currently employed by the Huffington Post, an online publication that is known for covering human interest stories. According to Turtle Boy, the online tome, co-founded by columnist Ariana Huffington, currently houses one article written by Clennan back in April of this year on “being a dumb girl in a computer science class.”

They also were able to find Clennan’s Facebook profile, where she recently shared an infographic that seemingly begs to be harshly counterpointed.

“When we embrace a culture that values hard work as the bottom line,” it partially reads, “we co-create a parallel culture of mental slavery and oppression in the attempt of upholding that ideal above all others.”

“It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s going on here,” Turtle Boy Sports adds.

“Keep in mind, she works for the Huffington Post, and they love nothing more than a good ol’ fashioned story about people saying mean things to [social justice warriors] on the internet. She’ll [probably] sort through the thousands of comments she’s received, pick the ones that contain the most homophobic or sexist slurs, and then hold them up as representative of the millions of Americans who are sick of whiny SJW’s like her who think we are allotted time to ‘find ourselves.'”

In an interesting add-on to Turtle Boy Sports’ accusations, a Facebook user discovered that the alleged college dropout took part in a Holocaust memorial at the University of Wyoming within the past month, where she was still noted as an active student.

As of this write-up, Clennan has not responded to Turtle Boy Sports claims, nor is she anywhere near her goal, monetarily speaking, that is; she’s raised only $26. Spokespersons for GoFundMe have not commented on the profile.

What say you, Inquisitr readers? Do you believe Clennan is in true, emotional dire straits or is this all just an act for a future “think piece” to be posted on the Huffington Post? Share your thoughts below.

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