‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: The New Year Will Bring Plenty Of Romance, Intrigue, And Surprising Revelations — What Is In Store For 2017?

A brand new year is upon us, and that means that ABC’s General Hospital is gearing up for more intriguing storylines for 2017. As the soap moves into yet another amazing 12 months of love in the afternoon and maybe even more surprises for the residents of Port Charles, viewers can start looking forward to seeing what happens next on their favorite soap.

Fans of General Hospital saw some new characters suddenly appear this past year, while some old ones sadly left the show. There were even some familiar faces that made their way back to their old stomping ground. There were many memorable moments that happened over the last few months, including the heartbreaking deaths of Sabrina Santiago and Morgan Corinthos.

Now, a new year is dawning, and the ABC daytime drama is moving forward. SheKnows Soaps has posted some previews for 2017 that will bring more romance, a whole lot of drama, and even a baby or two into the mix.

Jason and Sam have been investigating Morgan’s death and who it was that actually planted that car bomb that killed him. With the help of Curtis, the threesome are getting closer to solving this mystery. Unfortunately, it is getting to be quite dangerous for them, and with Sam being very pregnant, this may have bad consequences for her and the baby. JaSam fans are praying that their second child will be born healthy. Hopefully, Jason and Sam will soon have a little boy or girl to start the new year off right.

Nelle’s real agenda has yet to come to light. However, all should be revealed coming up in 2017. Little tidbits have emerged recently which gives a small glimpse into her past and why she is so hellbent on getting back at Carly. Rumors are swirling that Nelle Hayes is really Carly’s daughter, but you just never know until it is revealed. Bobbie Spencer is keeping an eye out for her because she sees something in her that she doesn’t trust at all. As Soap Central says, Nelle’s past will affect many people that she has been keeping company with these past few months.

Valentin Cassadine is another new character who came swooping into Port Charles in 2016 and has managed to capture the hearts of many viewers in the process. He is considered a General Hospital villain at this point in time as no one knows what his game is just yet. The new year will answer some of the questions surrounding this guy and what his past is with Anna Devane. Fans will also see the upcoming custody battle between him and Lulu. Will Charlotte stay with Valentin or go to live with her mother?

Of course, there is always romance in the air, and this upcoming year will have plenty of that to go around. General Hospital fans have been rooting for Kiki and Dillon to somehow find their way into each other’s arms. It has been a rough year for Kiki, but she may just start out fresh and give love another try. Of course, there could be some surprises in store soon that could once again disrupt this new romance.

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Then there is another fan-favorite couple, Franco and Elizabeth. This strange pairing seems to have worked, and viewers love them together. However, Franco’s past seems to get in the way. Look for another obstacle coming up that may also get between these two lovebirds. His name is Dr. Griffin Munro. Expect a love triangle as Liz may just give Griffin another look amidst her struggles with Franco.

Nathan and Maxie are supposed to get married and start the new year off as newlyweds, but there will be snag coming that may just ruin their plans. There will also be a snag in Hayden and Finn’s new relationship as well. Finn and Nathan’s pasts will somehow catch up to them, so look for more drama to come their way.

What happened to Ned and Olivia? Their pairing seems to have taken a back burner right now, but look for these two to be back on screen next year. Jordan seems to want to give Andre another chance. However, there is Curtis and her past with him that stands in the way. Which hunk will she choose in the coming year? Another new couple on General Hospital, Laura and Kevin, may have their challenges as well.

Look for Spinelli to be back on screen early in the new year. General Hospital fans are not happy that a new actor will be taking over this role for a few shows. Bradford Anderson had another project at the same time, so Blake Berris is stepping into the role for now. It will be interesting to see how he will portray this beloved character.

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There are also hints that Jax, Robin, and Emma will periodically be back to Port Charles in 2017. Jax is likely involved somehow in Nelle’s storyline, so look for this all to be explained soon enough. One very exciting story that fans are looking forward to has to do with actress Tonja Walker as she is making her way back to Port Charles. No word yet on whether she will come back as Olivia Jerome or a brand new character, but everyone is just happy that she is returning.

Who is the lady in red? Is Morgan Corinthos really dead? Will Jason and Sam have a boy or a girl? Stay tuned for another intriguing year on General Hospital. What are you most looking forward to?

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