Tamar Braxton Shades ‘The Real’ Again, Calls Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love, Tamera Mowry-Housley, And Jeannie Mai Liars

Tamar Braxton may have asked to put her “feud” with her former The Real co-stars to rest in a recent Instagram post, but it looks like Braxton is getting in her final digs of 2016 when it comes to her drama with Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love, Tamera Mowry-Housley, and Jeannie Mai.

Tamar took to Instagram for her latest The Real slam amid her months long feud with her former co-hosts, slamming the foursome by accusing them of lying when they repeatedly claimed that they were unaware that Braxton was about to be fired from The Real back in May and for stating that they attempted to contact her in the weeks that followed.

Tamar seemingly accused her former friends, who now co-host The Real without Braxton, of being liars on the social media site, referring to her firing while commenting on a post by The Shade Room which asked fans to reveal what the biggest lie they heard in 2016 was.

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According to a screen shot captured by the news source, Tamar didn’t hold back when she revealed the biggest lie she heard this year, seemingly throwing a whole lot of shade at her former co-hosts and by suggesting that they were well aware that she was about to be fired from The Real, despite the group repeatedly claiming that they were shocked when it was announced that Braxton would not be back for Season 3.

Braxton allegedly posted a number of comments in response to The Shade Room’s upload, kicking off her latest shade session by writing, “Hell I have so many,” before launching into a pretty scathing exposé by accusing Loni, Tamera, Adrienne, and Jeannie of lying about their shock over her firing.

“I’ll start with ‘I didn’t know anything,’” Tamar hit back, seemingly referring to her former The Real co-hosts, though she did not mention any of her former friends by name, before then adding a slew of other supposed lies she heard in 2016 in the comments section, which Braxton claimed included, “It doesn’t matter, we’ll always be friends.”

Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai & Adrienne Bailon

“We tried to reach out to her but she won’t call us back,” Braxton then continued of another lie she heard this year, seemingly referring to The Real co-hosts claims earlier this year in which they claimed they had repeatedly tried to contact Tamar in the wake of her firing, only to receive no reply.

“I just got word that she doesn’t want us to talk about her,” Braxton then wrote in another comment, seemingly referring to Tamera’s claims that Tamar had asked the group not to discuss her in interviews, before then adding that “We had NO idea” and “I’m shocked” were also lies she heard in 2016, likely from Tamera, Loni, Jeannie, and Adrienne.

Notably, Tamar’s latest shade seemingly aimed at her former The Real co-stars comes just days after Braxton seemingly asked to put her months-long feud with her former friends “to rest” after she seriously slammed the gang once again on The T.D. Jakes Show on December 19.

Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai & Adrienne Bailon

Tamar Braxton once again threw a whole lot of shade at The Real on the daytime talk show as reported by Fox News, sarcastically replying “Ain’t that terrible Lord Jesus,” when Jake asked for her take on the speculation that the show has seen a dip in ratings since Tamar was fired in May.

Tamar then continued to blast the series amid her feud with Adrienne, Loni, Jeannie, and Tamera when asked by the host if she would ever return to her currently vacant co-host seat if asked by the show’s producers.

“I would have to really pray about it and think about it. I would have to pay attention to why God removed me from that situation,” Braxton replied when asked if she’d consider heading back to The Real despite their feud, before Tamar then added that she feels God removed her from the show “to protect [her].”

After Tamar’s fans were quick to accuse the Braxton Family Values star of throwing yet more shade at The Real after slamming the show and her former co-stars on numerous occasions, Tamar then claimed on Instagram that her latest shade directed at the series was actually just her way of “joking.”

“This was my answer… I was only joking… which I guess is the OLD word for shade,” Tamar captioned the clip on Instagram after her comments hit the headlines. “FYI… I don’t wish ANYONE harm, bad luck, or cancelations, but I truly wish the girls, AND The Real good luck and may God smile upon you!” Braxton continued.

Tamar then wrote alongside the video, “NOW… Can we put the ‘so-called feud’ to rest??,” just two days before Braxton then appeared to blast her former The Real co-hosts once again on Instagram, seemingly confirming that Tamar Braxton’s feud with Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love, Tamera Mowry-Housley, and Jeannie Mai is not over yet.

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