Michael Jackson, Carrie Fisher Were Friends, As Sex Abuse And Paternity Scandal Raged

Carrie Fisher is currently being remembered by fans for many things due to her death at age 60 on December 27. However, some of her Star Wars fans may not remember how much she loved Michael Jackson and often defended him.

Of course, their friendship was not all roses, and Carrie Fisher was bound to have some trouble with Michael Jackson since he loved Elizabeth Taylor, and Elizabeth Taylor used to be married to Carrie Fisher’s father.

Sadly, the breakup between Carrie Fisher’s mother and father, with Elizabeth Taylor as the culprit, was the 1950s version of the “Brangelina” love triangle, according to Daily Mail.

Regardless, Carrie Fisher and her stepmother, Elizabeth Taylor, made up decades later in the mid-1990s and Carrie Fisher was known to hang out with Elizabeth Taylor when she was spending time with Michael Jackson.

Carrie Fisher said that Elizabeth Taylor loved Michael Jackson because he understood her — and this meant giving her gifts of the jewels she loved so much.

In addition, Carrie Fisher proved to be a true friend to Michael Jackson during the hardships of his child abuse sex scandals in the courts.

In 2011, a couple of years after Michael Jackson died, Carrie Fisher released a book called Shockaholic which is a sequel to her previously released autobiography, Wishful Drinking. At the time, what captured the press was that Carrie Fisher reserved the final chapter for MJ.

According to ABC News, Carrie Fisher revealed that it was her dentist that sued Michael Jackson for allegedly sexually abusing his son. Dr. Evan Chandler, now deceased, told Carrie Fisher in the time before the lawsuit about his positive ongoing relationship with Michael Jackson, and how his son was hanging out with MJ.

At one point, Chandler told Carrie Fisher something very disturbing after bragging about an interaction with Michael Jackson. Allegedly, Evan Chandler told Carrie Fisher, “You know, my son is very good looking.”

Carrie Fisher also said Evan Chandler told her Michael Jackson was “buying his kid computers and taking him to incredible places and sleeping in the same bed.” When Carrie Fisher inquired about the child sleeping in the same bed as Michael Jackson, Evan Chandler stated, “Well, yeah, but my ex-wife is always there, so it’s okay.”

Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor

Evan Chandler later came to Carrie Fisher’s home a few months later and said they were going to sue Michael Jackson because “Michael is sleeping in the same bed with my boy.”

Carrie Fisher also defended Michael Jackson by stating the following about the charges brought up by Dr. Evan Chandler.

“The thing is, though, I never thought that Michael’s whole thing with kids was sexual. Never. Granted, it was miles from appropriate, but just because it wasn’t normal doesn’t mean that it had to be perverse.”

Adding to this, the New York Times interviewed Carrie Fisher in 2012, and she stated she was defending Michael Jackson on another front where it concerned his dermatologist, Dr. Arnold “Arnie” Klein.

Arnold Klein is a long-time friend of Carrie Fisher, and she had told Arnie to not add to rumors that he fathered a child with Debbie Roe instead of Michael Jackson.

On top of denying Arnold Klein is the actual father of Michael Jackson’s older children, Carrie Fisher also said it “never made sense” to her why MJ would pay Debbie Roe $6 million for “a child that wasn’t his.”

When Carrie Fisher was not around, Michael Jackson had plenty to remember her by because he was a Star Wars memorabilia collector. For example, when he had an auction at Neverland Ranch before he died, Michael Jackson had full-size replicas of R2-D2 and C-3PO, according to Telegraph.

Then again, Carrie Fisher was one of many celebrity friends of Michael Jackson’s, and it seems everyone has a Michael Jackson moment — even Kanye West.

Carrie Fisher defended Michael Jackson during the sex scandals

In 2009, before he was terribly famous, Reuters quoted Kanye giving a random shout-out to Michael Jackson four months before he died.

Kanye also took time during VH1’s Storytellers to ask for some mercy for Chris Brown because he was recently arrested on the night of the Grammys for allegedly beating Rihanna. Much of Kanye’s “rant” was cut from the broadcast.

Celebrities being able to cite they were hanging out with Michael Jackson is also commonplace — even during the “secluded” years before he died. For example, many people forget that there were romance rumors about Pamela Anderson and Michael Jackson a few months before he died in 2009.

According to Daily Mail, Michael Jackson and Pamela Anderson were often seen having dinner together in Los Angeles and were set to be one of Hollywood’s “oddest celebrity couples.”

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