Tim Tebow Has A Girlfriend? Jets QB Spotted Out With Camilla Belle

Tim Tebow used to be a well know quarterback on a playoff caliber team. Now, as the former Mile-High-Messiah rides the bench on the increasingly embarrassing New York Jets, the world can focus on the back up QB’s true talent: Generating tabloid gossip. Yep, Tim Tebow has a girlfriend.

Did you hear that? Tim Tebow has a girlfriend!

TMZ reports that the most high-profile virgin in the country is dating actress Camilla Belle. The two were spotted out at club Latitude 30 in Jacksonville Florida on Tuesday night. Tebow was reportedly very affectionate with Belle. Sources reported that they were touching and holding hands all night.

According to KSDK.com, Belle, who was named one of People Magazine’s most beautiful people in 2011, won’t be trying to corrupt the Jets quarterback with her sexy ways.

Belle is apparently on board with staying chaste. The actress, who has appeared in movies like From Prada To Nada and The Chumscrubber, has been previously attached to celibate stars like Joe Jonas.


Neither Belle nor Tebow have commented on the rumor.

Do you think Tim Tebow has a new girlfriend? Here’s a photo of Camilla Belle.

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