March 7, 2017
Jemma Lucy Puts Up Busty Display After Going Topless

Jemma Lucy treated her fans to quite a busty display after she decided to go topless during her Caribbean holiday getaway.

Jemma decided to spice things up by posting some of the photos on social media. The snaps feature the Ex On The Beach star posing topless, giving her fans a jaw-dropping view at her sizeable lady lumps. In one of the photos, she showed off her impressive curves while topless and only clad in a pair of blue and white swimming shorts. She posed for the snap with her hair covering her bust to avoid going against Instagram's policy on nudity.

Jemma Lucy goes coconuts

Lucy also shared another topless snap in which she avoided indecent exposure by holding up coconuts. She made sure that the coconuts were well placed so as not to reveal too much. Her hair was soaking wet, meaning she had just come from taking a swim in the ocean. She was clearly having fun and decided to me more daring by giving the world a taste of what she was working with underneath.

Jemma flaunts her tattoos

A busty display was not the only thing that the reality star was showing off. The holiday getaway also gave her an opportunity to show off the impressive tattoos on her neck, chest, arms and even on her legs. She has a heart tattoo painted above her navel. The young beauty had also stepped out without makeup though the ink on her skin more than added to her natural beauty. However, all the attention on her Instagram was clearly going to her breasts. She announced on snapchat about a month ago that she was planning to have them enlarged.

"I'm going bigger!" Lucy revealed via Snapchat.

Jemma was not about to let her fans miss out on anything as clearly seen in another photo in which she lay on the sand on her back. This time she wore a pair of colorful bikini bottoms and held up a cocktail in one hand with the other hand on her breast. The 28-year-old also decided to give her Instagram followers the complete view by posing while facing away from the camera in another photo so that they could see her peachy derriere.

"Look at the size of ur melons," one fan commented about her breasts.

Jemma traveled to the Caribbean with her girlfriend Chantelle Connelly who was probably behind the camera taking all those sexy photos. One of the snaps they took during their vacation features each of the two beautiful ladies holding up some bottled drinks. They have previously been spotted getting all romantic on each other and even kissing romantically. They have been spending a lot of time together and they even did a nude shoot together earlier this year.

Despite getting appearing to have a romantic thing, the two ladies recently revealed that their previously announced romance was just an act and that they are just friends. Both Lucy and Connelly took the opportunity to treat their skins to a tan as they basked in the nice Caribbean sunshine. They took advantage of the vacation to make some good memories and made sure to share them with their social media fans.

The Instagram followers were clearly stoked to see Jemma flaunting her curves on the social platform. The photo in which she held up coconuts to cover her breasts got more than 8,000 likes. It is not clear whether she still intends to pursue a breast enhancement surgery. The steamy hot snaps of Jemma topless proved that she is already well endowed when it comes to the size of her bust though she already announced her intention to get them enhanced.

[Featured Image by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images]