Chris Christie Romney Rift Alleged After GOP Governor Becomes Besties With Obama

As New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and President Barack Obama team up to rescue the Garden State, rumors of a Christie/Romney rift have been circulating among bloggers and on the Twittersphere.

A Chris Christie/Romney rift was also alleged after Christie’s Republican National Convention barn burner speech, in which the well-loved Republican made a great case for the election of… Chris Christie for president in 2016.

While Christie took the stage for a long while, his words were light on Romney mentions, and the focus didn’t go unnoticed by many watching, blue and red alike.

But the Chris Christie/Romney rift allegations have heated up this week as the Jersey governor, once one of Obama’s most fearless and vocal critics, has put aside partisan politics to embrace the president and work together to repair his Hurricane Sandy-damaged state.

In fact, the Christie/Romney rift rumors heated up when the governor deflected pressure to politicize the efforts made by Obama during a recent interview, snapping on Fox And Friends:

“I have no idea [if Mitt Romney plans to visit New Jersey after Sandy], nor am I the least bit concerned or interested. I have a job to do in New Jersey that is much bigger than presidential politics. I could care less about any of that stuff … If you think right now I give a damn about president politics, then you don’t know me.”

Chris Christie Praises Obama's Storm Response

The Chris Christie/Romney rift rumors intensified Tuesday, when Christie said on Today:

“The federal government response has been great. I was on the phone at midnight again last night with the president personally… The president has been outstanding in this.”

Perhaps the saddest thing about the Chris Christie/Romney rift rumors are what they reveal about bipartisanship in America today — while many GOPers could look to Christie as an example of how to lead and put aside politics, instead he is criticized for not making political hay of the devastation.

Below is a sad sampling of some conservative reaction to Christie’s actions on Twitter. Do you think a Chris Christie/Romney rift will result from the Republican’s efforts to work with the President across party lines?

Why is Christie kissing Obamas A$$, giving Obama a photo op with a REPUBLICAN – traitor

— Radical Conservative (@ken24xavier) October 31, 2012


I sadly agree w/ you,AND remember if Mitt wins he’ll have to wait 8 years to run for POTUS: Turncoat Christie all about him!@mamadoxie #p2

— Time4realchange (@50isthenew35) October 31, 2012