Michele Bachmann’s Audience Laughs As GOP Pol Says She ‘Doesn’t Do Political Speech’

GOP congresswoman Michele Bachmann‘s audience laughed during a recent debate with challenger Jim Graves, when the frequent Fox talking head claimed that she doesn’t “do” political speech.

Michele Bachmann’s audience erupted in laughs of the clearly at her, not with her variety during the debate when Bachmann — who is known for spouting relatively meaningless political platitudes as well as disproven right-wing talking points — disavowed the practice, seen in the clip below.

Bachmann’s audience laughs as the candidate (who once described Planned Parenthood’s goal as setting their sights on becoming the “LensCrafters of Big Abortion” and said she believes that associates of President Obama are “are anti-American, by and large”) discusses what has been called “entitlement reform,” and Graves accuses her of not detailing the changes and how constituents would be affected.

Graves calls Bachmann out on having a vague position, a critique lobbed at the GOP on the national as well as state levels in the lead up to the 2012 election. He says:

“You just heard some political speak there … Again, Michele doesn’t say what she’s for. She says what she’s against.”


And like Mitt Romney, Michele engages in deflection. Rather than explaining the details of her position, Bachmann comments as the audience dissolves into laughter:

“This is a moral issue. We can’t go down the path that we’re in … I’ve very much been a part of the solution and it’s insulting to say these are political speech because that’s one thing I do not do is political speech.”

After the debate during which the audience laughs at Bachmann’s comment, the GOP congresswoman said she “delivered for the district in a bipartisan way.”