Ralph Nader to Stephen Colbert: Give Me Your Super PAC Cash!

Ralph Nader asked Stephen Colbert to show Nader’s nonprofit American Museum of Tort Law project a little love, by donating some of Colbert’s Super PAC cash.

The Colbert Report host’s Super PAC, “Making a better tomorrow, tomorrow,” has nearly $778,000 and the five-time presidential nominee, Nader, wants the cash to help build the museum, The Wrapreports.

Nader has dedicated his career to personal injury and tort cases, by championing many initiatives to add safety regulations over the past four decades. The museum would be placed in Nader’s hometown of Winstead, CT. The plans for the museum were announced 14 years ago, legalaffairs.org reports.

Nader spoke with The Wrap and told them why he thought Colbert’s Super PAC cash would be the perfect way to fund his new museum:

“Since he deals with wrongful injuries and reputations night after night, there must be a little humor here. Tell him we’ll name the courtroom after him.”

Although Nader thinks Colbert would be the perfect candidate to give to his cause, Nader cannot reach him.


During 2004, when home to Colbert was still on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Colbert was covering Stewart’s spot as host while he was away with his first baby. Nader made an appearance on the show and was interviewed by Colbert. A year later, The Colbert Report was born.

Nader figures he is partially responsible for Colbert’s success and should be able to at very least speak to him:

“He did so well that they gave him his own program. So you’d think he’d be accessible to me, right?”

The Wrap was also unable to get a comment from the spokesman for Colbert and Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow after repeated attempts.