March 7, 2017
Trumpcare, GOP Healthcare Plan, Slammed By Obamacare Critics — Here's Why

Trumpcare, or The American Healthcare Act, is meant to be The Republicans' answer to Obamacare. The big problem is that Conservatives don't even like it.

Revealed on Monday night, the bill maintains some of the key aspects of Obamacare, namely the provision that prohibits healthcare companies from withholding healthcare from people with pre-existing conditions, Vox reports. It also allows people to stay on their parents' healthcare plans through age 26.

However, as Vox notes, the bill does not stipulate how many people Trumpcare will cover and whether that number will be more or less than Obamacare. According to Vox, it will be less.

There are other big problems with the Republican's plan to "improve" the healthcare system in the United States.

As we mentioned before, the GOP healthcare bill is taking some heat from an unlikely source: Obamacare critics.

"It won't work," Bob Laszewski writes bluntly in a blog post.

According to Vox, Laszewski, a healthcare industry consultant, once called Obamacare "so poorly constructed it is literally an anti-selection machine."

But, in his opinion, Trumpcare is worse.

"House Republicans are proposing a very attractive program for the better off and, with the Medicaid rollback, gutting the program for the poor to be able to pay for it."

His big contention that the plan will benefit the rich and doesn't improve health insurance options for the less well-to-do.

"Republicans claim their new tax credits would be enough to buy a catastrophic plan even for the poorest––and in many cases that will likely be true. But, what good will it do a person making $15,000 a year to get a premium credit only large enough to buy a plan with a $3,000 or $5,000 deductible?"
Another conservative critique of Trumpcare comes from Phil Klein, a writer at the Washington Examiner. He described the GOP Healthcare plan as "Obamacare Lite."

"The GOP bill preserves much of the regulatory structure of Obamacare; leaves the bias in favor of employer healthcare largely intact, replaces Obamacare's subsidies with a different subsidy scheme, and still supports higher spending for Medicaid relative to what was the case before Obamacare," he wrote.

"Ultimately, it doesn't do much to foster the development of a free market system." he added.


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On social media, the hashtag "#Trumpcare" trended on Twitter in the United States and the platform was rife with criticisms of The GOP Healthcare Plan.

Trumpcare is also getting bashed by in the Republican Party insiders. As Zero Hedge notes, Republican Jim Jordan does not like it at all. Also, a memo from a Republican Study Committee called it "Republican welfare entitlement."
So, what do you think about Trumpcare? Do you think that it will help or hurt the majority of Americans. Let us know in the comments below.

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