Introducing CIROS: Future Doer Of Household Chores

Who doesn’t want a helpful robot around the house? A robot that can make salad and help with other household chores would be pretty handy to have.

Well, according to TechCrunch, the time may soon be at hand, when we can have one of our own helper robots.

Researchers from the Korean Institute of Science and Technology’s Center for Intelligent Robotics (CIR) have been working on a robot named CIROS to help around the house. Previous versions of CIROS were pretty life-like, however, the current third-generation model, which is able to cut cucumbers and pour salad dressing, is way more advanced and life-like than it’s predecessors.

CIROS has a Kinect head and can accurately identify common household objects and appliances. The helper robot can also load the dishwasher and pour juice. The researchers also have plans to teach CIROS how to cook entire meals and then clean up afterwards.

Why go through all of this trouble? Well, as people begin to age around the world, small, portable robots like CIROS will come in handy to help grandma and grandpa hang out around the house.


It doesn’t look like this robot can run up and down the stairs with a glass of wine and some dentures in its hand just yet, but maybe, after some tweaking, that will come with the generation-four models.

A little piece of advice … don’t anger the new metallic rulers when they come into power.

Here is a brief video of CIROS in action. I hope you enjoy it.